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We have two of those step stools that IKEA sells.


M calls it her “little table.”

She’s always known that she can pick it up and put it down, but she’s always thought of it as another one of her toys.

A few weeks ago, the notion that these “little tables” are mere toys has changed for her.

I’m assuming that she’s observed us countless times picking it up and placing it against something in order for her to step up onto it and gain some height when she needs it.  She’s watched us taking it from the bathroom to wash her hands, to the kitchen to help me make pancakes.

A light bulb went off in her head.

She could do that too!

Oh boy, is it helpful and dangerous at the same time.

It’s helpful because she now realizes that she doesn’t need to climb her personal Everest that is the bed.  She now takes her little stool and uses it to climb into bed.  It’s dangerous when I wake up at 5am, forgetting it’s there and nearly breaking my neck just trying to go about my day.

It’s helpful because now I can ask her to carry it to the desired room when we need to do something.  It’s dangerous because she just does it on her own.  We’ll just see her carrying her little stool to wherever she needs to go with or without or permission or supervision. 

Hubby and I are on hyper alert whenever we see her taking her “little table” places.  We always have to make sure she’s not putting herself in danger or she isn’t doing anything mischevious.

Life with a toddler is definitely interesting. 
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