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I think I lucked out with M’s terrible twos.  I know I had my share of trials and tantrums, but overall, it wasn’t so bad.  She still listened.  She was still pleasant.  She was still my sweet little girl.

Ok.. she’s still my sweet little girl.

But she’s about three years and three months old now… and I think there is a change in her..

She’s learning to test me.  She’s got a bit of an attitude now.  She’s more assertive.  She cries a lot easier.

She’s definitely changing.

I know that the “testing” phase was inevitable.  She tests my authority on an almost daily basis.  It isn’t too bad yet.  It’s small things.  For example, putting her hand on a wall.  I tell her not to because of a specific reason, and she will insist.  It’s not a big ordeal and it’s not something I would usually blow out of proportion, but because I know she’s testing my authority, I have to be firm about it.

I’m hoping that these small things that I’m insisting she listen about means that when it’s something major, she knows I mean business.. one could only hope…

I’m also hoping that the small things remain small.. small instances where she just tests my authority.. nothing major.. again.. one could only hope..

This phase could not have come at a worse time.. with the baby on the way and all the additional changes that are going to come with having a new baby in the home, I just hope that I have the patience and the energy to deal with it all!

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Yesterday, M turned thirty-one months old.

Thirty one months.  She’s over two and a half now, she’s inching closer and closer to three. 

I see changes all the time. 

I see it in the way she carries herself.  She’s got so much more confidence in her movements.  She climbs, jumps, and runs like it’s second nature to her. 

I see it in the ways she’s more aware of her surroundings.  She’s more aware of pains, or “ouchies.” She’s feels more and is more in tune with what she feels and observes.  Little scratches or bumps that she used to ignore now cause her to pause and acknowlege the sensation. 

I see it in the way she talks to me.  Her vocabulary just grows in leaps and bounds as the months go by.  We can now have conversations.  We don’t have to play the guessing game as much when trying to figure out what she wants.  She can request things, like what to watch on TV, or what books to read, or what she wants to eat. 

I see it in the way she plays.  I love watching her role play.  I love watching her create little scenes with her toys.  I love watching her reenact scenes from her favorite movies, videos and TV shows.   I love watching her pretend to talk on the phone.  I love watching her hug her stuffed toys.  I love watching her feed her toy horse.  Playtime with her is always filled with such entertainment.

I see it in the way she figures out how the world works around her.  I love how she’s figured out how to take her step-stool around in order to get to things she knows are beyond her reach.  I love how she’s figured out which remote control to give us based on what she wants to watch.  I love how she’s figured out how to find the fun in a laundry basket.  I love how she’s figured out how to use my legs as her personal slide.

Happy 31 month birthday, M!  I pray you continue to grow and learn and change.  You amaze me everyday.

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We have two of those step stools that IKEA sells.


M calls it her “little table.”

She’s always known that she can pick it up and put it down, but she’s always thought of it as another one of her toys.

A few weeks ago, the notion that these “little tables” are mere toys has changed for her.

I’m assuming that she’s observed us countless times picking it up and placing it against something in order for her to step up onto it and gain some height when she needs it.  She’s watched us taking it from the bathroom to wash her hands, to the kitchen to help me make pancakes.

A light bulb went off in her head.

She could do that too!

Oh boy, is it helpful and dangerous at the same time.

It’s helpful because she now realizes that she doesn’t need to climb her personal Everest that is the bed.  She now takes her little stool and uses it to climb into bed.  It’s dangerous when I wake up at 5am, forgetting it’s there and nearly breaking my neck just trying to go about my day.

It’s helpful because now I can ask her to carry it to the desired room when we need to do something.  It’s dangerous because she just does it on her own.  We’ll just see her carrying her little stool to wherever she needs to go with or without or permission or supervision. 

Hubby and I are on hyper alert whenever we see her taking her “little table” places.  We always have to make sure she’s not putting herself in danger or she isn’t doing anything mischevious.

Life with a toddler is definitely interesting. 
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Ok.. so I know we were still a few days away from the end of 2013.. but with the way my blogging has been this month, I might as well do it now..

I started the year with a rambunctious one year old with an ear infection.  She had a rough Christmas, ended up on antibiotics, and rang in the new year wide awake and partying with the rest of us..  she was a bucket full of words and started experimenting with 2-3 word sentences.. she was full of energy.. full of happiness.. full of love..

The year went on…

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously this year..

We took a trip to Hawaii.  We spent 6 out of the 10 days playing on beaches.

We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.  Both M and I got sick right after, but thankfully, we are both recovered..

We went to the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park.. M LOVED it..

We recently visited the Birch Aquarium and purchased membership passes.. I can’t wait for a whole year of tide pools and aquarium exhibits..

Things weren’t always so pleasant.

This year provided me with the scare of the lifetime.  While M was battling roseola, she had a very scary febrile seizure.. since then, I haven’t dealt with her colds and sicknesses the same again.

There weren’t a lot of sniffles this year, until we got to fall and winter.  There weren’t a lot of ear infections either.  That’s a GREAT thing.

Hubby and I had a great year.  We celebrated 5 years of dating and 3 years of marriage.  We celebrated small, but with out little family, it was totally worth it.

M’s obsessions started with Masha and The Bear videos on Youtube in Russian.  Throughout the year, she’s added surprise egg videos on Youtube and Play Doh product reviews.

Her television obsessions still include Dora the Explorer, but she’s added on almost all other Nick Jr shows.  She loves Lalaloopsy, Go, Diego, Go, The Wonderpets, and Paw Patrol.   Paw Patrol is her newest favorite show.  She can quote all the episodes we watch On Demand, and she knows every single character and will pretend she is every single character.  She’s also discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and some Barbie cartoons on Netflix.

We end the year with a very different M than what we started with.  I guess it happens.. she’s very communicative now.  We can have a conversation.  She can talk in sentences.  She can follow directions.  She’s still very happy and energetic.  She is also hilarious and our endless form of entertainment..

The one thing that I love that has grown in her during the year is her affection.  She has grown to be very affectionate and loving.  I cherish every random hug and kiss I get from her because I know it may end at any moment.

2013 had been nothing but blessings.  I’m so very thankful that we had been showered with non-stop blessings this year.  Looking back and thinking about 2013 has shown me how much M and our family has grown and matured in just one year.

2013 flew by faster than I could have ever imagined, but allowing myself to look back has shown me that we have accomplished a lot in this blur.

Can’t wait for 2014 and it’s adventures!


From the time M was born, I don’t think I’ve ever NOT had a busted lip.

She’s always hitting me in the lip!

Not on purpose, always accidental.

She gets excited and suddenly makes a move.. POW!  Right on my lip.

She’ll turn in her sleep or lift her head up, then down.. BAM! In the kisser!

Right now I’ve got a slightly swollen left side of my lower lip.. it’s not too visible, but I can definitely feel it. 

Between the bruises on my arm from when she occasionally bites me to the busted lips, you could swear that I was getting beat up regularly..

What are your mommy (or daddy) pains?

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