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M knows what to do.  I sit her on her potty and she knows what to do.

Isn’t that half the battle?

Does she tell me when she needs to go?  Not at all.  It’s a complete guessing game. 

I’ve been trying to take her every hour.  She just gets mad.  If I ask her if she has to go and she says ‘no,’ she means it.  If you ask her again, she’ll cry.

There are those moments when I ask her, she says, ‘yes.’  Sometimes she does her business.  Other times she sits on the potty, nothing happens, then I put on a new pull-up and within minutes she does her business.

We give her incentives.  Mini m&ms are her treat of choice.  She knows that when she uses the potty, she gets m&ms.  Does it help encourage her?  Not really?  But we still reward her for the good behavior.

We bought My Little Pony panties that she LOVES to look at.  We tell her that she can wear them if she can keep her pull-ups dry and only use the potty.  She tells me ‘yes’ like she understands.  Someday it will click.

So do I think she’s ready for full-on potty training?  No.

But I’m still going to continue to encourage her about potty using.  One day it’s going to click.  

I just have to be patient…

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