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I had an extended weekend this past weekend. 

Friday and Monday off.

Toddler with a cold turned into toddler with an asthma attack turned into “mommy to the rescue!”

Being home was a nice break from work.  I got to sleep in a little later than I usually do.  That’s probably the only perk.  Being home finds me just as busy as when I’m at work.  No, I take that back.  I’m so much MORE busy than when I am at work.

At work, I can sit in my cubicle for the whole 8 hours.  I concentrate on my job, just the tasks that I have on hand.  That’s all.  During lunchtime, I heat up my food and eat uninterupted.  At the end of the day, I go home and forget all about it.

At home, there’s toddler chasing, toddler wrangling, toddler entertaining, toddler feeding, toddler cleaning, toddler bathroom duties, toddler napping, toddler meltdowns… all day.  At home, there are many tasks all at once.  There’s no escape.  It’s all day, everday.

I love it all.

I love being at home.  I love spending time with M no matter how busy and how tiring it is.  Getting a random hug, or a smile, or a kiss.  The smile she had on her face when she would wake up to see me was just completely priceless.  I’m hoping that these days will happen more often. 

That’s living the dream!

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