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So.. I have a new job.. newer than the new job that I started in September..

Without getting into it too much.. let’s just say that there were things that I didn’t expect when taking that job.. and it didn’t sit well with me.. so I made the executive decision to just quit.. hands clean.. and never look back..

That brings me to this new job.. I work as the Quality Assurance Tech for a pet food company.. and I’ve been there for a week..

It’s.. interesting..interesting good and interesting bad.. let me explain:

Interesting good
I’m doing quality control and assurance on batches and batches of pet food.  It’s overwhelming to think that I am partially responsible for some of the petfood you are all buying your dogs.. and cats.. it’s amazing to think that I have to check it to make sure that it’s suitable to sell.. it’s a learning experience.. and smells a lot better than the vet lab I used to work for..

Interesting bad
It’s a mix of manual labor.. and laboratory work.  Since I’m working in a huge manufacturing plant.. I have to have the hard hat.. steel toed shoes.. ear plugs.. eye protection.. the works.  I’ll be getting a uniform as soon as they give me one.. so I come home sometimes dusty and smelling like dog food.. My hair is always flat because of the hard hat.. I can no longer have manicures.. and I can’t wear my ring.. so that means that if Joe ever pops the question.. I won’t be able to flash my fancy bling around at work.. haha..

Today was interesting.. I was learning how to test finished product and I didn’t realize that it meant I had to pull random bags from the assembly line.. well.. today.. the bags were 52lbs!


On a good day.. I weight between 120-125lbs.. that bag is a little less than half of what I weigh!!  And they expect me to eventually be able to pick that up?!


That is pretty much the worse part of my day.. the heavy lifting..

I’m scared I’ll get man-hands.. eek!


Continuing with yesterday’s post.. today is the list of the things I won’t miss working here..

  • Incubated stinky stuff
  • The smell of “colon” permeating through the hallway
  • High and dusty winds
  • Being in San Bernardino
  • Fighting for the shady parking
  • Seemingly endless poop samples
  • Sharing a work computer
  • People not following the designated colored-pen of the day
  • Monthly internal audits
  • Annual internal audits
  • Controlled documents
  • Weekend duties
  • Venturing into the Necropsy room alone on  a Saturday

Those are my lists.. now I’m ready for the next step..

Oh.. ya.. and I owe you a copy of my Ultreya Witness Talk.. perhaps tomorrow..

As I come close to closing another chapter in my career life.. I have compiled lists of the things I will miss the most working here.. as a Staff Research Associate in the Bacteriology department of a veterinary diagnostics laboratory..

Today arethe things I miss.. tomorrow are the things I won’t miss..

  • The interesting cases that come in
  • Feeling “in the know..”
  • Traveling to branch labs.. or for seminars and training courses
  • Cool biochemical reactions that result in cool color changes
  • The short 20-30min commute
  • QC organisms
  • The endless supply of post-its of all sizes and colors
  • Extra-small gloves
  • Students doing the lab coat laundry
  • Shady parking spots
  • Being in charge of projects
  • Colored tape
  • Free lunch with parents

I’ve got 60+ days left at my current job.

In September, I’m going to start working at the job  I left behind three years ago.  I’m going back to that job with a higher position, and a higher status..

I’m a lame duck at this lab now..

I gave my notice a few weeks ago.. the longest “two week notice” known to man.. I figured that I should give them fair warning.. so that I could let them know about the things that only I had be sent out of the lab to train for.. but now.. I’m just bored outta my mind..

The economy has affected our lab.. samples aren’t coming in as frequently.. I’m left in my specific rotation with nothing to do on some days.. it’s frustrating because I could be using that time to do important things like getting my school work done.. instead.. I’m sitting here.. twiddling my thumbs.. surfing the internet when I can.. but knowing I’ll get repremanded for it.. but who can blame me when there really is nothing to do?!

I wish that they were flexible enough to allow me to work on my school work while here on slow days.. but I get reprimanded.. whatever.. I’m so over the way they treat me like a second-class citizen here.. just because I’m the youngest.. relatively newest.. one here.. and I’m the one that’s been sent out to places to get training for certain things.. and I’m the one that gets the special projects from the other branch labs.. ugh.  Sorry I have a biotech degree.. sorry I work my ass off..

I’m ready for this move.. especially in light of all the budget crisis we are going through being a part of the University of California system.. reading the emails.. it’s pretty scary what they have in store.. especially for me.. since I have to pay for the rest of my MBA tuition out of pocket.. looks like I’m going to be getting out of here just in time!

God brings things into your life for a reason.. He presents you with scenarios.. and He knows that through His guidance you will pick the right one.. prayer and being open to God’s plan is something I’ve learned over time.. and I’ve learned to trust in the decisions I make because I know that God will be with me through it all.. and He won’t ever give me anything I cannot handle..

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