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At my new job, I am pretty much THE ONLY girl working on second shift.

Seriously.  The only girl.

I’m used to be being in laboratory settings in which men are a rare form in the building, but this time.. I’m the lone female..

After working here for about a month, I have learned some very interesting things about men..

Men are messy.
Seriously.  They are messy.  The other day, someone’s cheesy goodness boiled over in the microwave and they left it there to harden.  I don’t know how long it’s been there or how many times other people have microwaved over it, but it was caked on when it came to my turn to use it.  I tried my best to scrape if off, but it seemed fossilized in the microwave.

Men like to talk.
Men like to talk, about everything.  It leads to interesting conversation, therefore I hardly have a dull day at work.

Men are competitive.
They like to outdo each other, or talk about how they can outdo each other.  They are very competitive among themselves.

Men are pretty careful around “the only girl.”
Being the only girl, most of the guys tend to be pretty nice to me.  Some of the guys could care less that I’m there, but most of the guys are pretty  nice when it comes to acknowledging my presence when they walk by the lab, or when I’m roaming the floor.

Men laugh.
Men like their jokes.  Men like to laugh and be witty.  Men like it when a girl can hang with their jokes and their wit.  Men like it when girls act too girly or too good for their man-jokes, or man-attitudes.  I think the more down to earth a girl is, the more easier it is to be in a man-centric environment.

So far these are the things I’ve observed about men in my work environment.  I’m sure as time goes on my observations will be more in depth and more insightful.  So far, so good.  Let’s just hope it stays that way.

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