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14 Loves – Cubicle

Posted on: February 1, 2014

For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love my cubicle.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been working in a lab for about 10 years, and that’s counting college.  I have outgrown the novelty of being all “science-y” and being a “lab geek.”  In the beginning of this year, I was asked to be part of a project at my work to help contribute towards a major change in the computer systems that we use.  Because of this, I was placed in a cubicle and I spend all day in different meetings and on my computer.  I do no lab work at all, and that’s totally refreshing.  I’m sure the novelty of being a cubicle will wear off too, but for now, I actually don’t mind being at work.


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