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I’m sitting here on my “monday” at work.  It’s my first day back at work from a looooong weekend.

To clarify:
Last week, I worked Mon-Wednesday.  Then, I was on a retreat from Thurs-Sun.  I was off Mon-Tues.  Now I work the rest of the week, Wed-Fri.

Next week should start to become “normal.”

I have simply been NON-STOP lately because on top of all these things, I’ve been having to juggle school!

Lord, have mercy!

I shouldn’t complain.  Being busy is good.  It makes the time go by faster and I do feel productive and needed.

A nap would be nice though.

I know you are all dying to see some of the pictures my Las Vegas adventures, but I do these blogs at work, and I can’t upload my pictures on to my work computer.

It’ll have to wait until I have time to upload the pictures, and post an entry at home..

Let’s shoot for this weekend.. cross your fingers!

There’s been a lot going through my mind.. random things mostly.. stress.. a yearning..

I’m wanting to do so many things and I know there isn’t enough time in a lifetime to accomplish them all.  Sometimes that makes me discouraged.. other times.. it makes me feel determined.

Right now I just feel complacent.  Work.. home.. school.. work.. home.. school..

I know that I’m just chugging along and finishing my MBA  program.. by December I should be done.  I’m already halfway through my first class of the year.  The time is flying by. 

Things will change up eventually.  Once school is done I’ll have free time to do things again.  I’ll be able to schedule things again.  I’ll be able to have a life again.

These are the things I knew I had to sacrifice going back to school.  I chose to go back anyway. 

Feeling stuck in one place just doesn’t feel good to me.  I feel stuck.  I don’t like feeling stuck.. I want to move.  I want the freedom to go where ever without having to worry about homework or deadlines and due dates.

I keep thinking to myself that this is the home stretch.. it’s pretty much all downhill from here.. it’s a countdown to the number of classes I have left.. I’ve gotten over the hump.. and it’s just a downward slide to the degree..

Then.. my life can begin.. and I can make those life altering changes comfortably.. even though I’m not sure how I’d fare financially..

Let’s just not think about it too much right now..

We interupt today’s first day of school to add a blog entry.

This class is called Enterprise Risk.  Looking at the syllabus, it seems like it has a lot to do with law..

Coming from a completely scientific background.. I’m a little nervous about this class.  I’m always nervous about starting these classes because they are always out of my comfort zone.  I avoided business classes during my undergraduate days.  I never expected that I would be going for my MBA.. but here I am..

I think I need to get back to my class though..

I’m busy for these next two weeks.. I want to get the stuff done sooner than later because these next weekends are going to be busy.. and maybe if I get ahead.. I might be able to stay ahead..I don’t wanna stress with my classes this year..

Wish me luck!

I think the hardest thing to do when starting up a new blog is to get readers.  In the past, I didn’t care.  In the past I would just blog and blog.  No one read them.  No one even stumbled upon them.  In fact, I didn’t tell anyone I had them.

It would be simply by chance that someone were to come across a blog of mine.  And no one left any trace of their visit.

Now.. I think things are different.  On my blogger blog, I have a few readers.  I am trying to paste links to this blog on several places hoping to generate some readers.

This could be a good thing. 

2009: The year of getting my bloggy stuff out to the world.

Rise and shine it’s time to sparkle!

And right now, I’m lucky.  I have the time to blog frequently.  I’m on Winter Break for my MBA program at the University of Phoenix.  But starting next week, the classes start up again.  My time will be shortened and blog entries will be less frequent.

We’ll see what happens..

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