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According to the WordPress dashboard, it’s been six months since my last blog post.  I tried so hard to keep a good blog writing schedule.  I tried so hard to keep the blog going, but I just couldn’t.

Honestly, sleep was more important.  I couldn’t find time during the day to add to the blog, so I wanted to write when the girls went to bed.  But this mama was tired, all the time.  So, I chose sleep.

Six months later, I’m glad I did.  Life has gotten a little bit more calm.  We’ve developed a groove.  And I’m ok with sleeping late now that the kids go to bed earlier.

Six months later, I feel like I’ve got a better control over life.  Let me rephrase that.  Six months later, I feel like I’ve got a better control over life MOST OF THE TIME.  There are still moments where life just feels completely overwhelming and I use all of my energy just trying to keep my head above water.  But doesn’t everyone feel that way?

Six months later, I feel like I’m just barely getting this ‘stay at home mom’ life down.  Just barely.

A lot has changed in six months, but I’m glad to say that a lot of it has been for the better…

K turned seven months on Tuesday.

Seven months.

I still can’t believe it’s only been seven months.

She was just this teeny tiny little baby.  Now, she’s thinks she’s full-fledged toddler.

She’s full-on crawling on all fours instead of the army crawl.  She loves to pull herself up to her knees and eventually up to standing on whatever she thinks can support her weight.  The night before she turned seven months, she figured out how to push herself up to sitting from being in the crawling position.

It’s just all too much for me to handle..

And she is seriously all over the place.  With M, we had a big mat and blanket on the ground for her to crawl on.

We’ve pretty much given up on that with K.  The minute she was mobile, she took every opportunity to move off that mat and blanket.  It became too much of a hassle and a tripping hazard to keep it on the floor, so we packed it up.  She crawls all over the carpet now.

She’s also learned that there is life outside the living room.  She figured out that she can crawl herself into the play/craft area all on her own.  She loves to follow her sister when M starts playing in that area.

There is no stopping little K.

I literally spend an hours on the ground with her in the morning just crawling around with her and making sure that she doesn’t try to pull herself up onto something that isn’t stable enough.  But believe me, she’s determined.  Sometimes, she’ll crawl over the item she knocked down to get to what is sturdier in order to pull herself up.

My girl knows what she wants.

Her sixth month was just filled with milestones.  I’m so proud of her.

I wonder what fun her seventh month is going to bring…

You can read their first status report, here.

We’re six months into their lives as sisters and I have to say that their time together just gets better and better.

Yes, I know that there will come a point in their lives when the fighting will start, but I’m going to revel in their joy and harmony and cherish every second of their happiness together.

With K sitting and crawling, it’s easier for them to do things together now.  It’s fun to watch them play with the same toys.

I love watching K observe how M handles and plays with certain toys and objects.  I feel like K is learning so much from all simple acts of playing together.


K still adores M.  K is always full of smiles when M is around and giving her attention.  The hardest we’ve ever witnessed K laugh was due to M’s silly dancing.  Just watching how K looks at M, I know that she is going to look up to her sister in every way.

M still loves K.  “I love my little sister,” is often heard coming out of M’s mouth.  M loves K’s fuzzy hair.  M loves hugging and kissing her little sister.  M loves having K lie down next to her.  M is very patient when K begins to climb all over her, or when K decides to pull on her hair.  M doesn’t fight back.  M just lets it all happen.  She’s such a good big sister.

I’m hoping that these feelings they have toward each other continue to grow.  I hope it never changes, even through all the fighting and disagreements they will encounter growing up, I hope the remember how much they adore and love each other.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday.  We will be celebrating with family and I hope to have a blog update on our holiday next week!

June is ending.. that means that 2010 is half-way done..

With half of the year done, it makes me want to look back at the past six months and figure out what has happened so far..

I guess you could say that this year has definitely been quite eventful compared to prior years..

At the end of this year.. I won’t be complaining that my year has been boring and stagnant..

God has truly blessed me thus far..

I should dwell over how much I’ve gone through in the past six months.. I really have to focus on the next six months.. it’s gonna be a doozy!!

Yawn.. must sleep now.

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