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These weeks are flying by… and the weekends fly by faster!

We’re almost done with  July.. quickly approaching August.. right into the ‘ber’ months.. where is the time going?!

Seems like every year it moves faster and faster..

Last year it sped by because hubby and I were planning our wedding.. this year is speeding by because this year hubby and I are expecting our first baby..

And we all know how fast kids grow up.. so every year from now on is just going to go faster and faster..

When did we get so old?!

But for now.. I’m going to enjoy my Friday.. keeping busy at work will make the day go faster and I can finally enjoy the weekend..


June is ending.. that means that 2010 is half-way done..

With half of the year done, it makes me want to look back at the past six months and figure out what has happened so far..

I guess you could say that this year has definitely been quite eventful compared to prior years..

At the end of this year.. I won’t be complaining that my year has been boring and stagnant..

God has truly blessed me thus far..

I should dwell over how much I’ve gone through in the past six months.. I really have to focus on the next six months.. it’s gonna be a doozy!!

Yawn.. must sleep now.

February, oh February.

You came like a thief in the night.  I was just getting used to the whole idea of being in 2009.  I was just getting used to writing “january” or “01” on all my dates at work

Now, it’s February, and I must retrain my hand to write “02” and “Feb.”

And to top it of, dear February, you are a short month.  Only 28 days.  I don’t think I will get used to the “02,” suddenly March will come charging in.

Time.. time.. time.. needs to slow down. 

We flew by January and I honestly don’t know what I did in that month.. it went by so fast.. I can’t remember anymore.

February, one small favor I ask.. help me make this a month to remember.. Don’t fly by and make me realize that time is moving on and I’m not making the most of it.  Allow me to make the most of you..

That is all I ask of you, February.  Please, grant me that one small wish!

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