Living life in the carpool lane..

Relationship boredom..

Posted on: June 9, 2010

With my wedding quickly approaching (there’s almost 4 1/2 months left!).. my coworker asks me.. “are you scared?”

I told her… I’m not scared of the marriage.. I’m scared of the wedding.. and by being scared of the wedding.. I told her it was because there is just so much to do and time is just flying!

She asks me why I’m not scared of marriage and I told her that I’m excited to finally find someone that I can be completely myself with.. and to have that comfort and security of having and giving unconditional love..

She asks if I’d get bored seeing the same person everyday for the rest of my life..

I didn’t even have to think about that.. my answer was a definitive “No.”


Hmmm.. because I won’t.  I know I won’t.. but can explain why I won’t?

Can we all really explain why?

Here’s my question to all you lovely married couples.. and those in long term relationships..

Are you scared of being bored with your significant other in the long run?  Why?  Why not?

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