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Doing it yourself..

Posted on: June 6, 2010

I’ve realized that my wedding is very “do it yourself..”

My invitations.. partyfavors.. and wedding programs.. will all be done by me..

It’s a lot of hard work.. but I’m honestly enjoying it.. there are times that I am dreading to get started on a new phase of the invitation making.  I’m just scared of messing it up.. but I’ve only made few mistakes and I’ve printed a good number extra.. I expected to mess up.

Doing this all myself has helped me discover this new hobby of paper crafts and I absolutely LOVE every second of it.. I actually want to get into and trying my luck out with some cards or something.. start off small.. and see where I end up.. maybe make a few packs of cards.. and put them up on Etsy..

Maybe I can make a couple dollars of spending money in the process..

If anyone wants me to make them a card.. let me know.. maybe I’ll start off making some cards for some friends if they want.. then after awhile start selling them for a few dollars as they need more..

I’ve so far made every card I have needed for birthday parties, weddings, and funerals.. I’ve also done a lot of gift bags and decorated some wrapped presents for birthday parties.. if anyone wants me to do some for them.. please don’t hesitate to ask.. if you want just one card.. I’ll do it for free.. if you need a set of cards.. maybe I’ll charge you a small materials fee or something.. we could always discuss..

Hee hee.. I’m sooo pimping myself out..

And I’m not even THAT good yet.. hmmm.. maybe I’ll wait til I’m more confident in my projects..

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