Living life in the carpool lane..

It’s crunch time!

Posted on: June 16, 2010 is telling me that Joe and I have 136 days before we become husband and wife.  That equates to four and a half months.

Brides.. don’t ever feel like time is going by so slow.. cuz it isn’t..

I honestly don’t know how we got to this point.. I thought it was smoooooth sailing for the past few months..

We had gotten the big things out of the way.. and I thought we could take our time and work at a leisurely pace.. WRONG!!!

Brides.. work at a steady and productive pace.  Don’t ever think that you’ve got a lot of time on your hands.  Get your tasks done and if they are done earlier than expected.. then so much the better!  Don’t take for granted how much time you have left til your wedding..

Keep a list.. and don’t worry too much about getting things  done too soon.. just finish them.. then stash them away in a safe place..

Of course I’ve got a lot of do-it-yourself projects related to the wedding.. so my list is probably a lot longer than those that have opted to buy a lot of their things.. I’m not complaining.. but I do wish I didn’t take the past few months of nothing for granted..

It’s crunch time.. and I’m cranking away at all my tasks.. I got this.. I’m pumped and ready to go!

The pressures on.. I’ll keep you posted..


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