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Lately, hubby and I have been playing “Guess that body part!” with the baby in my belly.. she’s been moving and pushing so much that sometimes we think we can figure out body parts.. hubby gets really excited about his “daddy’s little girl.”

Talks into belly..

Hubby:  Hi baby!  Remember when you were just a blob?!  Now you’ve got bones and you are distinguishable..
Me:  Hahah..
Hubby: (Towards belly.) You’re a baby now!  (Juggles tummy.)  You’re a little baby!!!!

A blob to a baby… gotta love the hubby for summing up the miracle of life so simply!

Today starts the third trimester for me and this little one..

I am definitely starting to feel the difference.. my stomach always feels stretched to the maximum.. it’s starting to get uncomfortable.. my back is starting to really ache at times.. all I want to do is lie down.. oh.. and I’m sooo sleepy!

I think I’m a lot more sleepier now than I was in my first trimester.  I don’t remember really taking a lot of naps when I got home from work.  Now, it seems like I crash on the couch and have the hardest time trying to get up to cook dinner because I’m so tired.. yet.. I still fall asleep quickly at night.. like I never took that nap.  It feels like I can never get enough sleep..

The summer heat isn’t helping with my comfort levels either.  It just feels like it gets worse and worse. 

The great thing about this trimester is that the baby has grown considerably.. and now I feel every little move and kick and roll.. I love it.  I love feeling her move and I love that she interacts with me now.  I poke at my belly a little and sometimes I feel a little poke back.. it’s great.  I feel like we are totally bonding already and it makes me feel like a pretty good mommy..

It’s pretty much a countdown now.. from here on out.. it’s a countdown to d-day.. delivery day..

I’m most worried about that.. scared.. but I’ve mentioned this several times already so I don’t want to sound redundant.. but.. I am pretty scared about it.. but I know I can get through it.. I have to.. how else is she gonna come out?!

At night, we like to think that our baby girl’s kicks are her little way of saying “good night” while in tummy..

Last night.. she gave me her “good night” kick.. this is what happened when “daddy” wanted his..

Me:  Alright, sweetie.. give daddy kicks “good night..”
(Hubby places hand on belly.. nothing.)
Me:  C’mon.. kick daddy “nite-nite”
Hubby:  It’s ok.. that just means she loves me more..
Me:  Why?  She gave ME kicks “good night.”
Hubby:  She just doesn’t want to kick daddy.  Kicking is bad.
Me:  Whatever makes you feel better, dear.

So.. I’m about halfway through my second trimester..

I’m running out of clothes.. hahah..

My belly has popped out… I look obviously pregnant now instead of just growing a little tummy pudge..

I’ve noticed that the baby has sleep and awake patterns.. and that her schedule tends to change.. at this point.. she’s awake during the day with me at work.. and she’s asleep at night with me..

I kind of liked it when she was awake after I was at work because I felt like I could “play” with her more being at home.. with her awake now.. I can’t really give her attention because I have to concentrate on my lab work.

Hubby finally got to feel his daughter move.. that was a special event.  It was on hubby’s graduation day.. so we like to say that she gave her daddy little “hi-fives” for his big day.  But.. she hasn’t really let daddy feel her again lately.. but that’s mainly because she isn’t as active at night.. so I guess we have to wait for her schedule to change again..

She and I are growing in leaps and bounds.. it’s like every week I feel bigger and bigger.. and I know she’s growing bigger and bigger.. it’s starting to take a toll on my back.. and I can feel the weight on my front too.. I just hope that the strain isn’t permanently damaging.. but all these little sacrifices are worth it knowing our little one is preparing herself for the outside world..

The family and I are now in full “baby shower prep” mode.. I figure that this is going to be the last huge crafting adventure I might have for awhile.. so I plan on going all out for this one..

Time is counting down fast.. four months left of this pregnancy.. and it feels like I only found out yesterday that I was pregnant..

It’s funny how slow I felt my first trimester went.. I couldn’t wait to get through the first trimester.. not only because of the nausea.. but because getting out of the first trimester reduces the chances of miscarriage by a lot.. so that trimester crawled by..

But this second trimester is breezing by.. so I’m enjoying it as it flys on by..

I can’t wait to meet this little girl..

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