Living life in the carpool lane..

Things my husband says.. when dealing with a summer pregnancy..

Posted on: June 25, 2011

I’m learning that being very pregnant in the summer means that I’m hot all the time.. last night was no exception..

Me:  Hunny, it’s hot.  Your body heat is only useful in the winter.
Hubby:  You want me to sleep in the living room?
Me:  No!
Hubby:  Fine.. I’ll get the fan in here..

Hubby gets the electric fan and sets it up in our bedroom.. cool air begins to circulate

Me:  Ahhh.. now I need blanket.
Hubby:  What?!  You just said you were hot!
Me:  Yes.. now there’s cold air.. so I need blanket..
Hubby:  You’re weird.
Me:  I need to sleep with a blanket.. but it’s too hot.. so now that there’s cool air.. I can sleep with the blanket now..
Hubby:  You’re wierd.
Me:  You married me.


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