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The events of this blog post occured this past Thursday night… making my Friday morning VERY, VERY caffiene driven…

It was about 10:45pm when I decided it was time to put M to bed.  The time change had been a difficult one for her.  She was used to going to bed at 11pm.  Now, what was 11pm has now turned to 12am, and I was NOT going to go to bed at midnight and wake up the next day at 5am.  I can barely function on 6hrs of sleep, don’t take my hour away from me.

She went through her night routine with Daddy at about 10:15.  This night routine does include a trip to her Elmo potty.  This particular night, Hubby said that she wasn’t able to go pee pee.  With her, it’s pretty much hit or miss.   After her routine, she had time to wind down and play with some toys for about a half an hour before we went off to bed.

We ended up going to bed at 11pm.  We lie down and she constantly asked for milk.  I gave her some.  She’d take a few sips and then lie back down.  She’d ask again, take a few sips, then lie back down.  This is a regular occurance every night.  So, it was no big deal.

Did I mention that she ate a sticker right before getting into the bed?!

Yes.  We entered the room with the lights out except the nightlight.  She’s stood next to me and the nightlight while I charged my phone for the night.  I saw her pick up something and put it in her mouth.  I immediately dropped my phone (on carpet, thank God!) and tried to take the thing out of her mouth.  Because it was dark, I could only feel it and it felt like a sticker.  It was dark, and I couldn’t find the sticker in her mouth.  I ran to the light switch to turn the lights on, but by the time I got back, she had pretty much swallowed it.   Luckily, that’s the only thing on the ground that was small enough for her consume. 

Ok.  So we got into bed and everything was fine.  There was the usual tossing and turning, asking for Hubby, milk, more tossing and turning, cuddling, milk…

Then Hubby got into bed.  Again, there was more tossing and turning.  There was also climbing over me to get to Hubby, then climbing over me again to get to her spot on the bed, then climbing over me to lay on my chest..

Suddenly, she started to whine.  She asked to go to Dora, but I said she was sleeping.  She proceeded to name off every character on Nick Jr that she watches and I would tell her that they were sleeping.

Then she started on the alphabet.  A?  A’s sleeping.  B?  B’s sleeping.  C?  C’s sleeping… and on and on..

She calmed down a bit and I thought we were finally done.  I thought she was finally going to sleep.


She tosses and turns again and gets frustrated.  Then, she started to cry.  It wasn’t a whine, it was a cry.  I was worried that something was wrong.  I was worried that she had a stomach ache because of the sticker she ate.  Oh, the thoughts running through my mind…

“Go, Elmo!”

I almost said “Elmo’s sleeping,” but I realized that Elmo was her potty.  We go to Elmo, sit her down, and waited..

She pee’d. 

Then, she was magically better.  She was smiling, pointing out objects and asking what they were, pointing at her bellybutton and tummy, “flushing” her potty..

She just sat and sat and sat…

Then she got up and we went to bed..

I thought she’d fall asleep right after, but nope!  After about 5 minutes of calm, she starts crying again for Elmo.

Now, my mind and heart are racing with “what ifs.”  I was so worried that she had a stomach ache or something.

We took her to Elmo again, but she just sat and sat and sat.. talking and smiling.  Biding time before she had to go back to bed..

Back to bed we went, and I was hoping that it was all over.  I needed to get to bed!

Sadly, she cried one more time for Elmo.  I was sooooo worried that something was wrong.  She had never done this before.  Was it the sticker?  Am I sure it even WAS a sticker? 

We took her again to the potty and she sat.. and sat.. and sat.. and pee’d!

Again, she started talking and pointing and smiling.. I swear this girl was stalling to go to bed..

Finally, she said she was done and we go to bed..

Finally, she got comfy on the bed and drifted off to sleep with no problems..

It was 12:15am.

Now, thinking about it now, I’m pretty sure she just had to pee.  She hadn’t pee’d when Hubby took her during her night routine, so she probably just had to go.  Thank God that’s all that was!

However, do eighteen month olds know how to stall and lag before going to bed?  I always thought that kicked in when they were much older…

What sort of night time adventures would you like to share?


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