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I’ve always wanted to go to Comic Con.  In the past, when it was Comic Con weekend, I always found myself out of town.

Not this year.  This year, we were home.

While we didn’t have any badges to enter the actual convention, we did go down to the Convention Center to see all the fun festivities that happen outside the actual Con.

We thought we got there early enough to get some parking relatively close.  We were wrong.  We ended parking about a mile or so away from the Convention Center.  I didn’t mind the walk.  My Fitbit was happy with all the steps I had that day.

Once parked, we loaded the girls into the double stroller.

Did we dress up?!  Sorta.

The girls wore character shirts.  M wore a My Little Pony shirt.  K wore a little pink Superman shirt.

Hubby dressed up as a can on Coca-Cola.

Ok, so it wasn’t intentional.  He bought that shirt in Thailand years ago while on vacation.  He said he wanted to wear red so he was easily spotted if we got separated in the crowd.  I still like to think he was in total “cosplay.”


I went as my brother.  Ok, so he designed the shirt, and that’s his face on the shirt.  Ok, so it’s just a cool shirt.  But since it’s Comic Con, I’m totally going to pretend I was ‘cosplaying’ my little brother.  Just humor me…

Next year, I’ll plan our attire better…

As we walked toward the convention center, we stopped by Nerd HQ.


UntitledHonestly, I don’t really know much about Nerd HQ.  I believe it was a free event.  If we didn’t have the double stroller, we would have gone in and checked it out.  It was located inside a children’s museum with a little park area on the outside, so we stopped for a bit to let M stretch her legs and enjoy some of scenery. Untitled This area had a box of chalk that anyone could grab to draw on the wall or the floor.  M had lots of fun seeing all the awesome drawings.  She even took a few photos with some.  She also enjoyed being able to draw on the wall too!

MOMFAIL Moment: When M was done playing, we put her back into the stroller and proceeded towards the convention center.  We ended up walking behind two ladies dressed in full Frozen’s Anna and Elsa cosplay.  M was in awe.  She has never been up close to Anna and Elsa before.  They heard us talking about them while we were stopped at a crosswalk because they suddenly turned around and starting talking to M!  She was all smiles as she answered their questions about her shirt.  Once we were allowed to cross the street, they said their good byes and M was just on cloud nine.  I WISH I ASKED THEM FOR A PICTURE!!  Even as I type this, I feel like kicking myself in the face for not asking to talk a picture with M.  I saw them take a picture with another family and I was so disappointed in myself for not asking for M.  She has the memories, which I hope she will keep with her for a long time.

After the whole Frozen experience, we found ourselves at the Convention Center.


It was amazing!  So many people in costume.  M had a blast seeing all the people in various cosplay.  Hubby recognized more characters than I did, but it was just a total blast to see. It was a bit difficult to navigate with a double stroller and I felt like we were blocking a good section of the walkway, but we tried our best to move along and not get in anyone’s way. 

After we walked the front of the Convention Center, we made our way to the Gaslamp District where there were TONS of different events going on.  I was in awe of all that was happening that I forgot to keep taking photos. 

We enjoyed the people watching so much that I want to make it an annual ‘thing’ for our family to do.  Hopefully, one year, we’ll be able to get badges and actually go inside, but for now, I’ll settle for hanging in the outskirts. 

Did you go to Comic Con this year?  How did you like it?  Did you dress up?  I’d love to hear some fun Comic Con stories from you in my comments!

M’s been asking to go to the beach lately. When I mean lately, it’s been about once a day for the past month or so..

She is such a little beach bunny.  She LOVES the beach.  Lucky for us, we live fairly close to the beach.  Gotta love San Diego.  We’re at least 20-30 minutes from pretty much any beach we want.  The main beach we frequent is La Jolla, but I love exploring new beaches.

Looks like we are going to try to take M to the beach sometime this weekend.  It’s the least we could do since she’s been asking so nicely. 

Hopefully the weather will be beach-friendly…

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Last week, San Diego was on fire…

It started on Monday or Tuesday.  That was the Bernardo fire, and that was the particular fire that got us the most worried as it was the fire that was closest to us.

For most of the night we were on alert.  Had the winds moved the fire in the other direction, we would have definitely been evacuated.  By the grace of God, the firefighters and the winds were able to keep the fire going away from homes and opposite of our direction.  While we were worried, we knew we would be safe.

The next day, the firestorm started.  I believe at it’s peak, there were about 9 fires simultaneously burning.

Thank God, none of them were near our apartment.

However, my afterwork commute was in for a treat as I found myself stuck on a freeway that had to be closed because fires had erupted on the sides of the freeway lanes.  I believe they called this fire the Highway fire.  I left work around 3pm and didn’t get home around 5pm.  What’s usually a 45 minute commute turned into 2 hours!  It didn’t help that it was 103 degrees outside, so even if I wanted to turn my car engine off, I couldn’t because I would have roasted for sure!

Thursday night, we drove up to my parents house which is an hour and half north of San Diego.  We had this planned for awhile, so we weren’t evacuating because of the fire, but it was great timing anyway.  Because we didn’t know if any other fires would come, or if one of the fires suddenly decided to head in our direction, we took some of our most valuable documents and items with us.

As the fires burned, the smoke drifted.  By Friday, my workplace, which I mentioned was 45 minutes way, north, of the San Diego fires, was blanketed by a cloud of smoke and there was ash sprinkling down.  I had my car windows opened a crack while I was at work and when I came into the car at the end of the day, there was a sprinkling of ash on the car seats..

The air quality hasn’t been great, and I think it’s starting to affect M a little bit.  She’s been battling some allergies and asthma symptoms since this weekend.. I’m hoping the winds pick up once the fires are out completely and we can clean up our air.

This was my first San Diego fire storm.  While I know it’s not going to be our last, I now know what to do, what to bring, and how to act.

Thank God for those brave firefighters!


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Yesterday, we went to the beach.

This was going to be M’s first time as a full-blown, walking toddler. 

Yes, I live in San Diego.  Yes, this is our first time at the beach this year.  Yes, I know we are wasting perfectly near beach resources by not going many times.  Yes, I know all these things.  Yes, every year I say we need to go more.  Should I keep going?!

M’s been so opposed to stepping on surfaces that aren’t real floors, or concrete.  For the longest time, she hated grass.  I had to convince her that the tire mulch in the apartment’s playground was like the Nutty Forest from Dora The Explorer.  Luckily, she’s been able to walk on those surfaces for several months now.

Sand was something she continued to be “iffy” about. 

So, going to the beach, I was mentally prepared to have to carry her through the sand.  I was mentally prepared for her apprehensions about the ocean waves.  Basically, I was mentally prepared for her absolutely hating the beach experience.

First off, we were camped out in the grassy picnic area of the beach, and surprisingly, M walked onto the grass in her bare feet, without hesitation.  Score one for me!

Then, when we took her to the sand in sandals, she was totally fine.  She started off walking on her tip toes, as if trying to avoid it somehow, but eventually she gave in and enjoyed the sand.  Score another one for me!

Once we got to the wet sand, we tried to ease her into the incoming waves.  But suddenly, she let go of our hands, and just ran for it towards the ocean!  Hubby was closeby and always made sure she was within arms reach and eye sight, but she was just having a super time!

She was soaked!

She was so happy, that made me so happy!  The smile on her face as the waves crashed onto her feet and legs was just priceless.  As the waves created a pool of water around her, she would sit right into the water and just splash with her hands.  She loved every second of it.

After we took her out, she kept wanting to back.  All we would hear was “Go beach!  Beach, there!”

Even right before bed, as were all getting ready, she had to ask one more time, “Go beach, please yes?”

I had to reassure her that we will go back. 

We definitely will go back.  Now that I know that she LOVES it, I can’t see how we can stay away…


Since the days of LOST, I’ve been wanting to go to Comic-Con.

When I moved to San Diego three years ago, I thought it would be easy to go.

But the past few years have been a bust.  I was out of town one year.  The year after, I was busy with an infant.

This year would have been fun if tickets didn’t sell out within seconds of them going out into the public!!!

I also thought it would be fun to just go down to the area.  There are tons of free things for people that didn’t have tickets to do around there.

But Hubby very realistically told me that it’s most likely to be total chaos over there.  With a stroller, I think it would be a totally miserable experience.

One year, I know I’m going to be there.

Hubby suggested doing volunteer work.. but do I really want to deal with the mass of people just to go in?!


So the plan this weekend is to go to the Farmers Market in Little Italy tomorrow.

Now, I’ve been to farmers markets around our area in SD, and they weren’t really all that great.. they were pretty small.  We also came pretty late into the event, so there wasn’t a lot of stuff left, and it was pretty dead..

This farmers market looks like it’s going to be pretty packed.  I’ve seen pictures of this particular one and it looks massive.  There are tons of vendors.. the street is pretty much lined with them.. and there are people everywhere!

We’ll try to get there pretty early.  M usually sleeps in, but is pretty good about being transported while sleeping.  She’s so used to it during the weekdays that I think she’ll be ok. 

I’m not sure what to really expect..  I’m sure it will be a lot of me being overwhelmed, confused, and looking dumbfounded… Or not.. who knows..

Either way.. you’ll find out about our adventure on Monday..

Have a great weekend!

This past weekend was a loooong overdue 3-day weekend.

I cherish these weekends so much because it gives me one extra day to spend it all with my family.. I love being woken up by M instead of having to sneek out of the bed in the early hours of morning, hoping that I don’t wake her up.. but that issue is a whole different blog post for another day…

The weekend started off like any normal Saturday.. we slept in.. and stayed in bed for as long as M will allow.. Hubby made breakfast and while M ate, we did a major clean up of the apartment.. another long overdue task..

After lunch, I wanted to take M out.. either to the playground or the pool.. I was debating which place to take her, but the minute she heard “pool” her mind was made up to go there..

She’s such a waterbaby and LOVES the pool.  We have one of those shaded floaters for her, but she’s discovered that it’s so much fun to swim around without it.  She prefers daddy carrying her in the water now..

We stayed there for about 30-45 minutes because it’s always soooo hard to get her out of the pool.. then we took a shower and before we were even able to get her dressed.. she fell asleep!

The day was pretty lazy from then on..

Sunday, we decided to go to Balboa Park and visit a museum.. initially, Hubby and I wanted to go to the Museum of Man and look at the Torture exhibit, but they said that it wasn’t suitable for children.  We’ll probably go back when we can find the time to leave M with grandparents to check the exhibit out..

We settled on the Natural History Museum because my cousin recently went there and said there was a pretty cool dinosaur display.  The dinosaurs acutally moved!!!  Pretty exciting stuff.  M liked some of the dinosaurs but was a little scared of the moving T-rex.. who wouldn’t be? 

She had so much fun with all the interactive exhibits.  I’m so glad she has the opportunities to go to such places.  We all have so much fun as a family.

We stumbled upon an international food festival while we were there and we had to go.  We bought M a slice of pizza and Hubby and I enjoyed about 3 entrees from 3 different countries.  M ended up liking my paella, so instead of her pizza (which she was about half-way through with at this point) she ate my paella instead. 

We went home in time for M’s nap.  That’s the wonderful thing about living in San Diego.  Everything is so close by that we can enjoy it in the morning and be home in the afternoon for M’s nap! 

The rest of Sunday was pretty lazy…

Monday was just as lazy.  We slept in, again!  Then we had brunch at a local cafe.  Afterwards, we did a little grocery shopping at Sprouts.. Hubby and I are looking into some rice alternatives.. but again, tha’ts a whole different blog entry to get into eventually…

We went home and M napped.. longest nap ever! 

After that 4hr nap, we went out for more grocery shopping and dinner..

It was a very busy weekend, and I wasnt’ surprised when M pretty much fell asleep instantly once we went to bed..

It was full of great memories and pictures that I can’t wait to scrapbook!!!

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