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All this time, I always thought that the jealousy would come from M.  I always thought that M would be the more jealous one.  She’s my first born.  For the first three years of her life, she’s been the only one.  Naturally, I thought that she would be the one that would act out whenever she’d see me hold her sister.


It’s all K.

K, at 15 (almost 16) months old, is very possessive.

Whenever she sees me cuddle with her big sister, she immediately wants in.

Neh! (No!)”  K says, as she pulls my arm away from her big sister.

Arrr-mah (Arm)” K says, as she takes my arm away from her big sister and hugs it for herself.

Poor M.

Sometimes I feel so bad at the amount of attention I give K at the moment.  K is at that age where she needs to be watched like a hawk and I feel like M gets a little put aside.  M has been very understanding and will usually find ways to work with us, or will usually find ways to entertain herself.

I try to steal little moments with M.  It’s so interesting to see K’s reaction.  I wasn’t expecting K to be so territorial with me.

It’s a good thing this mommy has two “arr-mahs,”  one for each of my girls.

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The picture on the left was taken some time in December 2012.  The picture on the right was taken two days ago.

I tried to zoom in the pictures to match in size as much as I could.

I can’t believe how much 3-4 months can make a difference in the growth of a toddler..

My baby is growing up too fast!!!

The other day, after coming home, Little M made me cry.

During the weekdays, Little M is watched by Hubby’s parents.  Hubby usually drops her off and picks her up and takes her home.

They come home and M is all smiles to finally see me after a long day.

I take her out of the stroller and hug a bit and then I put her down.

She began to play with her toys and then came back to me.

“Muah!”  She leaned over and kissed me.

“Huc!” She leaned in and put her arms around me and her head on my shoulders.. huc means hug!

She began playing again soon after.  Then, out of nowhere, she came back and did the whole kiss and hug thing again.

I started tearing up. 

Its moments like that where I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mother.  She loves me.  She finds comfort in me.  She misses me when I’m not around.  She is happy when she sees me. 

It also made me tear up because these moments won’t last forever.  She’s growing up so fast that soon moments like this will only be relived through reading my blog entries.  The tiny arms that don’t quite make it all the way around you won’t stay tiny forever.  Her tiny legs running to be with you won’t be tiny forever.  I cherish every moment because I know that it’s fleeting. 

If I could keep her little just a little bit longer, I would. 


As Little M gets older, she is becoming a lot more aware of her surroundings.  She’s starting to understand a lot of what goes on around her.  She has feelings about what she sees, hears, feels, eats.. etc.

This also means that she is starting to develop fears and anxieties to things that never seemed to bother her before..

For instance, she absolutely freaks out over the Jack In The Box commercial of Jack and his employee playing racketball.. she hates seeing the guy get hit in the back with the ball.. or maybe it’s Jack’s giant head.. I’m not sure what scares her, but she runs to me the instant that commercial starts.  We have to change the channel while it’s playing.  Luckily, it looks like that commercial is out of rotation for many channels now..

She suddenly developed a fear for one of the television personalities on The Filipino Channel.  He’s a guy that usually wears this wig that makes his hair look big, and he announces what’s going on in the Filipino communities around the world.  I’m not quite sure what she doesn’t like about it.. but suddenly she doesn’t like seeing him on TV.

A few nights ago, I wanted her to pick up one of her toys on the ground near the TV.  She saw some wierd commercial and was so hesitant to go near the TV.  It lasted for awhile.  She would point at the TV saying, “no, no!”  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but I didn’t force her to get her toy.  I just let her sit in my lap until the anxiety went away.

There are also certain features on some of her toys that cause her a tiny bit of fear.  Suddenly she’ll run to me if her toy makes a certain sound she is unsure of. 

Sometimes it’s a sound that an object makes that Hubby or I are using. 

I know it’s part of her learning about the world and how to deal emotionally with her surroundings.  I just hate seeing my baby feel like that.  I’m glad that a big hug and kiss can usually make that fear go away for her.  I’m hoping that throughout her life that she knows she can always come to me for comfort for all her anxieties in life.

Little M has been surrounded by the same set of toys for awhile and it’s starting to show.

She hasn’t been playing much with her toys.. she’s been more interested in what’s in the recycling bin (mostly milk cartons) and various  floor cleaning tools (she loves to play “vacuum”).

So I’m glad that Christmas is coming and she may be getting some new toys as gifts..

As of now, she still has some toys that we haven’t opened up for her to play with.  I think after the Christmas season, we are going to start packing away her older toys and taking out some of the newer ones.  We’ll pack to toys up for storage for future children to play with.

Maybe it will distract her from playing old milk cartons.. silly kiddo!

Usually I post anything to do with crafting on my crafting blog, CutieQCardsnCrafts, but this isn’t just a craft post.  It’s a mommy post as well..

This year, I had decided that I was going to go all “artsy, craftsy” this year with Christmas gifts..

Initially, I wanted to make families sets of greeting cards.. not only is it a great heartfelt gift, it also saves money.. yay!

However, I dropped the ball on that.  I should have started WAAAAAAAY earlier.

Then, I wanted to make my own Christmas cards to mail out. 

But that’s too much.  I usually send out about 100 cards.. and I have NO time for that unless I started early.. like January..

So, thanks to Pinterest, I compromised with myself and decided to just be all fancy-schmancy with the wrapping..

And to me, fancy-schmancy just means, that postal package wrapping paper, a bunch of stamps, and handmade tags..

I also decided to make my own gift card holder cards and money holder cards…

So far, I’ve wrapped a few gifts and made most of the card holder cards.. but sheesh.. who knew this would be so time consuming.

It’s bad enough that I spend a good amount of my day at work, I also come home and have to do mommy things..

It’s at this point of my life that I realize that motherhood is very time consuming.. and being a working mother is like working two jobs.. It’ very tiring and leaves you with very little spare time..

I know one of these years, M will be old enough that I don’t have to make sure she isn’t getting into anything harmful, or that she won’t be looking for me every second of the day.. and I know that when that happens, I will totally miss those days that she was young and needed me..

But, during Christmas time, Mommy needs a little spare time.. it’s not too much to ask for, is it?!

Little M’s life consists of very basic generalizations.. it’s funny how toddlers can immediately generalize certain groups of objects and actions..

Here are some of Little M’s generalizations:

All animals bark like dogs.

All letters are E.
This was true until yesterday when she started recognizing the letter “O”

All numbers are 8.

All movement is “up.”
Picking her up, putting her down.. it’s all “up” to her.

No means no and no means yes.

Off means off and off means on.
This pertains to taking off and putting on shoes.  She says “off” for both.

All princesses are Cinderella.
She will initially call all the princesses and Tinkerbell “Cinderella” until you correct her.  Then she will call the princess by it’s proper name.

Everything she drinks is “milk.”
When she asks on her own, her answer is always “milk.”  But if I actually ask her if she wants milk, water or juice, she can answer with the actual drink she is wanting at the moment.

I really think we underestimate how smart toddlers and infants actually are.  I think their observational skills are uncanny.  They really are sponges just soaking up as much as they can..

It’s a strange thing that happens when Little M drinks ice water.

We’ve noticed it happening once the cold weather started to hit. 

Now, Little M LOVES ice water.  She loves holding the outside of the glass and says, “cold!”

She loves drinking it and all saying, “cold!”

But I’ve noticed that when she drinks a good amount, maybe a fourth of a small glass, she kind of starts to shiver.

It’s a slight shiver that looks like it’s coming from the inside.  I assume its because she’s making herself cold on the inside, and the weather on the outside isn’t all that warm.

Usually when that starts, we take the cold water away from her and then bundle her up with blankets.. the shivering stops and so we don’t give her the ice water anymore.

I assume it’s just like feeling cold after eating a nice bowl of ice cream.

Has this happened to your children?

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