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For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love smiles.

Smile.  It makes you feel better about everything.  Smile at someone, and you’ll totally make their day. 

This morning, M woke up earlier than my alarm.  I was trying to get her to go back to sleep, but she just couldn’t.  I got up to get ready for work.  The bedroom was dark as I left the bathroom so I used my phone’s flash light to look for something on the dresser.  I heard a shuffle in the bed and when I shined the light onto the bed, M was sitting up with the hugest grin on her face.  That smile just made my morning. 

Toddler smiles are the purest form of happiness I can think of.  Toddler smiles warm my heart.  Her smile just makes everything I do worth it. 

Smile.  It will help the world feel like a better place.

I leave for work early.  I leave so early that it’s not even light out.

I don’t like leaving before the sun.  It makes it feel so much earlier than it really is.  This girl loves her sleep, so to wake up and be out of the house before the sun is heartbreaking!


This is my view every morning while I walk to my car.  Cold and dark, and I wish I lived in a place with an attached garage.

I hate walking through the dark cold to get to my car.

It makes the workweek seem so much more depressing..

Tomorrow is Monday..

Any work week complaints you want to share?

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