Living life in the carpool lane..


Posted on: December 27, 2010

So I’ve been living here for about two weeks now.. and it’s a major adjustment..

The “living with a boy” part isn’t the adjustment.. it’s all the cleaning!

Hahah.. ok.. not to sound like a total princess.. but this cleaning stuff is HARD!  I honestly don’t know how my mom and all my friends and fam that have been living on their own for the longest time.. can do it all..

The cleaning never ends!

So I’ve lived at home until I got married.. I never dormed or lived anywhere else until now.. and I’m not blaming my mom for my lack of “house-tending skills..”  In fact.. I miss being at home where she did a majority of the cleaning..

Does that make me lazy?  Maybe..

Its a new routine I have to get used to..

I used to be able to get home.. eat dinner.. then get on the computer.. or chill at my craft table for the rest of the night.. I had laundry every so often.. but there was no cooking (unless I wanted to) and there were no dishes..

Now.. dinner doesn’t make itself.. so I cook because I have to.. not because I want to.. and there’s laundry and dishes.. and everything else..

Mom says, “And you don’t even have kids yet!”

Ok.. so I sound all complainy.. but I’m really not.. I’m more just overwhelmed..

This move was such an overwhelming change.. it’s not like I didn’t see it coming.. because I did.. I anticipated all this.. but it’s still a change I need to get used to..

It’s the impatient part of me to expect that I’d get used to everything instantly.. it’s really not as bad as I’m blogging..

It’s honestly just all part of the adventure..

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