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My baby can learn!

Posted on: June 26, 2012

I can’t believe I let almost half the month of June go by without any blog entries!

I’m slippin’..

Or.. I’m just extremely busy at work and then at home..

It’s not easy to just come home and rest after a long day of work with a 9 1/2 month old around.. she’s EVERYWHERE!  And she wants to get into EVERYTHING!

She also tends to get pretty clingy during the afternoons and evenings.. if I’m not in her line of sight she’s crying for me.. while it’s super cute and I love it.. some times I just need to go to the bathroom!

Little M keeps me busy and entertained..

She babbles.. non-stop.  She’s pretty much the dominating voice you hear in our little apartment.  Her favorite word of the week is “Ah-bam!”  Or just simply, “Bam!”

I don’t know what it means to her, but she loves saying.  Sometimes I can get a “Mam!” out of here and I swear it’s because she’s looking right at me.. her mom.  She also says “Dada” a lot.. and I think she’s starting to put names to faces.. because you can ask her where ‘dada’ is and she will look right at Hubby.  You can ask her where “Mam” is.. and she’ll look right at me.  You can ask her where the light is and she will look right at it and put her little palm up in the air toward the ceiling fan (there are lights under the ceiling fan).

We have this little book of baby animals.. she loves it because it’s one of those “touch” books with the furry patches and stuff.. we try to teach her what sounds the animals in the book make.  She can touch the animal that makes the “ooh-ooh ahh-ahh” sound.. the monkey.  And she can mimic the puppy sounds, “arf arf.”

She’s all about copying sounds you make.. pitch.. tone.. inflection.. it’s so funny hearing it all come from her..

She’s definitely a little sponge absorbing anything and everything that she comes across..

I love watching her grow and learn.. and just be so playful.

It truly makes all the hard work and tiredness worth it.



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