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So, I’ve decided that I WILL lose these last 15 lbs before the end of this year..

It’s important I lose this weight for several reasons..

First, my sanity.  I KNOW in my deepest of hearts, I shouldn’t be this current weight, which this morning was 143.2.  I KNOW that I should be weighing between 125-130 lbs depending on the time of the  month.. I shouldn’t be 142-145lbs.. that’s JUST NOT ME.  It’s driving me insane!

Second, my clothes.  While almost all my pre-prego clothes fit, they don’t look like they used to on my body.  I can get them on, but some tops look so snug.   I’d also like to buy jeans and know what size I am instead of guessing.. and always guessing too small and feeling discouraged when I have to reach for a size bigger.  Right now I’m a little too small for a size 8, but too big for a size 6 in jeans.  I hate that “in-between” stage.

Third,  if I want to have another baby again this year, I want to start small.  I had gained soooo much weight with the first pregnancy.  If that ends up happening again, I don’t want to start off heavier.  I want to go back down in weight and just work my way up again.  AND I don’t plan on gaining as much weight as I did with M.  Lesson definitely learned there!

So, this year, I’m taking CHARGE and I WILL lose this weight.

Starting in February (because I have a huge craft project I’m doing for a friend), I will set a goal to run a mile 2x a week.  I’m hoping that mid-year, I can bump that up to 3x, but I’m going to keep this goal small and attainable. 

One mile, twice a week, on a treadmill. 

I’m totally inspired by one of the blogs I frequent.  She ran a mile a day from Thanksgiving til the New year, read here.  I honestly think I can’t do that right now, so I’m making my challenge more attainable to me.

Currently, it takes me about a 20-30 minutes to run a mile.  Yes.. slow.. but I’ve always been slow about that.  I could never do a mile in 12-15 minutes.. even in middle school!!

I’m hoping that by doing this challenge, I can knock my time down to about 15 minutes eventually. 

I’ll try to keep track of my progress here.  I can’t wait to see what I have to say about it at the end of the year.


I finished my first week of Pilates.  I took 2 Level 1 classes.  Tuesday and Thursday.

I have to say that I really do love it.

My personal trainer kicked my bootie just as much as pilates does, but I seem to like pilates much better.

This kind of work out just seems “prettier” to me.  I can’t explain it. 

Pilates just seems more feminine than running a treadmill and pulling on cords..

But in our pilates class we work with springs.. and a apparatus called a Reformer.. just feels more girly too me.. I don’t know.. don’t ask me to explain..

I found new muscles that have never seemed to be used before.. like in arms and inner thighs.. I thought my trainer had woken up every muscle.. but looks like some of them missed that wake up call. 

I leave that class feeling like jelly, but in a total good way.

I’m re-energized, motivated, and excited for next week’s set of classes.   I can’t wait to try some Level 2 classes.  Maybe after another class or two..

It’s great to find a form of excerise you actually enjoy.  Then it doesn’t feel like a chore.  I felt that way about yoga a few years ago.  I found myself at that yoga studio 3-4 times a week because I liked it so much.

Now, with a child, I’ll have to limit that to maybe 2-3 times a week depending on my schedule. 

I’m so glad Groupon offered this class.  I would have never known that there was a Pilates studio so close to home. 

I can’t wait to start seeing the results too!

In my continuing search to find a workout that is right for me, I’d like to thank Groupon for opening this opportunity for me..

Groupon had this special for a Pilates studio.. 5 classes for $35.

I scheduled my first class for next Tuesday.

I had initially wanted to start going to a local Bikhram’s Yoga studio.. and in the back of my mind.. I still want to try.. the thing that scares me about that is the heat..

It’s something I still want to try, but for now, I’ll try this Pilates stuff.

I know I’m losing weight.. and inches.  I weighed myself this morning and I came in at 151 lbs.  Not bad..

The clothes I purchased at the beginning of the year are starting to get a little too big for me.. but the clothes that I had pre-prego are still too small..

The first time we went to the pool this summer, I wore my maternity bathing suit.  That’s actually gotten too big for me.. so that’s promising.

So the next time we went, the only suit I had was a two-piece that was always a little too big for me in the past.. turns out it fits perfectly now.  Can you imagine?  Me?  Wearing a two-piece again?

Ok, so my body isn’t what it was.. but to be able to wear that two piece was a little bit of an esteem boost.

With just a little more work, I can finally be comfortable in my own skin again..


Last Monday was my last workout with my personal trainer.. yay!

I just never really enjoyed it as much as I think I should have.  It was hardwork, but that wasn’t the issue.  I just don’t enjoy that kind of working out.

Although, I have to say that I do feel a real difference in myself.  I’m able to lift heavier things, I have better stamina, and I did go down a jeans size!

I’m sure if I put more effort into it I could have easily lost almost all my baby weight, but I didn’t.  I didn’t put much effort into working out outside of my training sessions, but I did eat smaller portions of food and healthier choices, so I think that made a difference.

Weighing myself lately, I’ve been averaging about 156-154 lbs.  That’s a nice change from weighing between 160-158lbs every morning..

I lost about an inch around my waist, chest and arms..

I know I do look different from when I started, but I’m still no where near where I want to be..

I’m going to look into some yoga and/or pilates studios.. I do like yoga.. so I want to see if I can give that a try again.  I just wish the studios would have a class time that catered to my needs.. none of the studios I have found really go with my schedule..

I will still try to get on the treadmill.. for now, lets start at least once a week.. I think I can handle that..

Even though I’m not a huge running fan, I know I have been getting better.. so I need to keep that up..

All this effort to lose weight, only to get pregnant again in a few years..


I bought new jeans.. ahhhh!

Everyone had been saying that my jeans have been looking pretty bad on my lately.. they’ve been baggy and saggy.. just not attractive..

And they have been saying that in the most complimentary way possible..

So mommy took me out for a little Mother’s Day shopping because she said she hated that I was looking so dowdy with the yucky pants..

Ladies and gentlemen.. I’m down a pants size! Yay!

Before going back to work, I bought a jeans at a size 12.. eek! 

This weekend.. I bought a pair of size 10 jeans..

Ok.. so I went down ONE pant size.. but hey!  That’s an accomplishment.. I know I haven’t been losing the weight as fast as my trainer would like me to.. but at lease I’m losing it.. and it shows!  And.. if you think about it.. I used to be roughly a size 6 or 8..  depending on the brand.. at my skinniest I was a size 2 or 4.. but I was waaay too skinny, not eating, at full of stress.. not good.  So I want to bring myself to a comfortable 6 or 8 again.. and if I’m a size 10.. I really don’t have THAT much to go down.. just another size or two.. soo.. yay me!

My time with my trainer is almost up.. and I’m thinking of joining a pilates studio since the yoga studios around my area don’t really have the schedule of classes that fit my needs at the moment..

So there’s my latest weight loss update. 

Give me a moment to bask in the glory of my size 10 jeans..

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