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One day it rained.  I had a physical therapy appointment for my voice (I have nodes, click here) and decided to leave the girls with my mom.  Thank God she was in town!  It’s hard enough dragging along two kids to places they don’t want to be, add rain, and it’s practically a nightmare!


After the appointment, I ran some errands.  There were several things I needed to buy from several places.

I finished my errands right around lunch time, and I received a call from my mom.

“Buy lunch.”

The McDonald’s was the closest and quickest food I could think of to buy, so into the drive-thru I went.  I ordered food, and I went home.

In a rush to get inside to feed the girls, I shoved the milks (they came with the Happy Meals) into my purse.  I brought the food and other items inside and began eating.

That night while in bed, I remembered that the milks were still in my purse.  True to form, I was too lazy to go downstairs to remove the, but vowed to remember to move them in the morning.

A few days later, while clearing the area around the purses, Hubby finds a sweater that smelled like rotten milk.  Unable to figure out the source, I washed it, and went about my day.

The smell of rotten milk lingered in that area, and we couldn’t quite figure out why.

A few days after the sweater incident, Hubby was going through the purses when I hear him gasp in disgust.

My black Coach purse was the source of the offensive odor.


They exploded in my purse and spilled rotten milk inside.  It was disgusting.

Luckily, my wallet and other everyday things were inside the diaper bag.  Only a few items were left in that purse and they went straight into the trash!

I had no idea what to do with my purse.  I didn’t want to throw it out without trying to save it.

So I popped it into the washing machine.

Thank God, it came out perfect!  The smell was gone, the purse was still in great condition, it was like nothing happened!

Lesson learned.  No matter what time of the day or night, if you remember that milk is stored somewhere it should be, then remove it right away!


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Warning:  This may get a little gross.  It involves poop.  If you’re a senstive person, I suggest skipping this post.  Remember, I warned you!


Usually, I give M the bath, then we fill the tub and she asks for her daddy so they can play with the water.  While they are playing, I go to the other restroom to take my nightly shower.

While getting ready for my shower, I suddenly hear Hubby, “Oh no!  M!”

I run to the other restroom and Hubby tells me, “She pooped!”

Hubby said he was looking at something on his phone while she was playing in the water, suddenly he hears her say, “Oh no!”  When he looked, there was poop in the water!

It was one of those situations where you just didn’t know where to start.  It just seemed like such an overwhelming task.

Hubby opted to take M to the other bathroom and clean her off there while I had to deal with the mess.  Lucky me.

I did what any mother had to do.  I put on a pair of gloves and started scooping.  Yes.  I went poop fishing..

Thank God for job experience.. my previous job working in a bacteriology lab for a veterinary diagostics lab really toughened me up for stuff like this.  When you get colon samples from various animals and the smell can just take over the lab, a little poop in a bathtub seems like nothing. 

I rinsed everything out as much as I could, but it just didn’t feel good enough.

The next day, I filled the tub with water and added bleach.  I soaked the tub and the toys in this bleach water for about half an hour.  Then, I took the toys and soaked them again in soap.  I also scrubbed down the bathtub with my vinegar/dish soap mix. 

So that was our little adventure.. I knew that poop during bathtime was something that could definitely happen.  I always thought it would happen when M was much younger. 

Share your adventures in parenting in the comments!  I’d love to hear them!

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So, we had an “interesting” experience the other day..

The local library has craft time for toddlers every Wednesday.  I figured this would be a fun little activity for M to do. 

It would be her first time doing a somewhat structured activity outside the home.  She would sit down, glue some stuff on to a piece of paper.. the end.

If only it were that simple!

We got to the library, and immediately, M’s eyes lit up.  As we got to the children’s section, there were pictures of animals and things she knew.  Right away, she says in her “loud by default” voice, “Pig!  There! Oink, oink!”

“Shhhhh…”  says Hubby and I.

We put her down onto the large circle carpet where all the children’s board books were.  My intention was to show her some library books so we could check them out and finish our Summer Reading Program. 

She decided that the big circle carpet was a perfect open space to run around and twirl on.  Did I mention she was singing and vocalizing at the same time?

“Shhhhh…” again from the hubs and I.

It came time to sit down at the tables and start gluing.  It was paper shaped like a basket, and some paper fruit. 

M recognized each fruit and started naming them.  If we weren’t in a library, it would have been really cute because she would get so excited about each fruit.  “Strawberry!  Gapes!  Oh-nges!”

“Shhhhh…”  Luckily, it was just Hubby and I trying to keep her quiet!

She wanted to eat the fruit.  She LOVES pretending, especially pretend eating. 

I showed her that she was supposed to glue the fruit down onto the basket.  I put glue onto the back of the fruit and tried to get her to hold it.  She proceeded to get glue on her fingers, which she didn’t like.

Hubby helped her glue down a few pieces of fruit, but she got tired of that.. FAST.

So, she got down from her chair and decided to explore.

And by “explore” I mean, running up and down the aisles of the children’s section, while being her normally loud self..

Hubby gave chase and you knew the moment he caught her because all you could hear was, “No.  Down, out!  Doooooown.”

Hubby stepped outside to the near by atrium, and all I saw was her running around and just enjoying herself.

There was no way I was going to be able to get her back onto the chair to finish this project.  So, being the only crafty one in this little family, I finished the project for her!

Hubby brought her back into the library, but she did not want to stay quiet.  I told Hubby to finally just take her outside. 

I was so embarrassed, but I kept my head high.  I gathered my things.  Checked out the books I wanted, and left. 

It was totally embarrassing while I was in the moment.  But now that I’ve had hours and hours to think about it, the less and less embarrasing it is.  Why should I be embarrassed?  I’m a parent!  This is what I deal with!  You can’t tell me I’m the only one that’s had to go through this. 

There wasn’t anything I could do.  She definitely was NOT ready for this.  I thought she would be.  She loves coloring.  She can sit still when being read to.  She’s normally a well-behaved child.  She’s been praised several times for her behavior in a restaurant.  She doesn’t mind being in a stroller or shopping cart.  She’s never acted out inappropriately.

This just wasn’t her thing.

It was new to her.  It was a new environment, and she wanted to explore.  She just doesn’t know that she had to be quiet in a library, and with all the stuff to see, the last thing she wanted was to sit down and glue paper together.  There was nothing defiant about her behavior.  She was just curious and excited. 

I understand.

And in her defense, she WAS probably the youngest one there. 

The mothers there were very understanding.  The library staff didn’t say a word.  I’m sure this wasn’t the first time they had an active toddler there during craft time. 

After the library fiasco, we decided to take her to the nearby park to just run around and blow off some steam.  This park has a huge duck pond and we ended up circling the pond three times!  She’s definitely a ball of energy!

I will definitely wait a while before trying this again.  Maybe a song and dance class would be more her style…


After a year or so of parenting, I totally thought I had it down.  I thought this parenting thing was so easy.  I was ready start  giving unsolicited advice to new mothers and possibly write a how-to book…

Ok, not really.

The point is… I felt totally under control.

Until this past weekend.

We were out of town on an overnight stay to be with some family friends.  We were asked to run a quick errand and we took M with us.

Thinking that it was going to be quick, i decided to not bring the diaper bag…

Hubby and I made it to the last stop on our errands (buying food) when hubby makes the comment , “M, you better not go #2 while we are gone… Mommy didn’t bring your diaper bag.”

It’s like he knew….

As we were waiting for our food to arrive, a certain familiar smell hits my nose…

I panic.  She doesn’t have a diaper, what if she gets a rash?  Or worse, what if she gets a urinary infection if I don’t clean her up right away?

So I take her to the bathroom with a game plan.  I was going to take the poo out of her diaper, wipe her down with wet toilet paper, put the diaper back on lined with toilet paper.

Gross, yes I know.  But I figured it was better than risking her getting a rash or infection over it.

However, angels in the form of a mother and toddler came in just in time.

She kindly gave me a diaper after asking her for one and we were good to go!

I felt so low on the parenting scale.

Toddlers are so unpredictable and seem to follow Murphy’s law.  I should have known better. I should always be prepared.

Parenting lesson learned!

Picture this.  Sunday Mass. 

We’re in the pews and Little M starts sucking her thumb.  That’s her sign for “I want milk.”

I’m holding her, so I put Hubby in charge of milk making.

We use playtex drop-ins.

Hubby puts the bottle between his knees and fills it with required water. 

He puts the first scoop of powered baby formula into the bottle..

Without warning, Little M and her lightning quick hands reach in and grab the liner..

This is all going on during Mass, so we have to be quiet..

Struggle for the bottle liner between Hubby and Little M ensues while I try to hold Little M to prevent her from sliding down my lap..

Suddenly, I hear it.. a gush of milk-water..

Then.. I feel it.. all over my lap.. my jeans are soaked and there’s milk-water all over Little M, me and the floor.

Hubby said she grabbed the bottom of the liner with both hands and just squeezed.. so all the milk-water came gushing out.

It took every inch of control we had to prevent from laughing out loud..

Lesson:  Babies have very quick hands..

Picture this.. San Diego.. June 2012..

Our little family on a little family outing.. to Costco.

Little M takings a little poopie in her car seat.  That’s fine.  No problem, when daddy parks, I will lie her down in the seat next to me and change her diaper.. just. like. always.

Except.. this time isn’t like all the times before.

I lay her down and remove her diaper.

Her hand goes down and she gets a finger or two in her poopie.. “Daddy!  I need your help!

Hubby opens the car door to help me out.. as I restrain her poopie-hand, she kicks her leg straight.. into the open poopie diaper.

Poopie all over her leg.

Restraining and wiping both hand and leg, Little M arches and twists her back.

Daddy is holding hands, Mommy is holding arms.. and we have a Little M suspended in mid-air, upside down.. back arched.. and she’s throwing a tantrum..

Picture this.. a little 9month old.. suspended in mid-air.. upside down.. crying.. cars driving by us..

We had to wait for her to calm down for a second before we could lie her back down.. it was quite an adventure..

We eventually got her all cleaned up and diapered up and everything.. but WOW!

Changing her in the car used to be so easy.. now it’s a battle..

She’s definitely changing and I’m sure there will be many more stories like this.. stay tuned.. this parenting thing is getting more and more interesting..

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