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Adventures in parenting..

Posted on: June 6, 2012

Picture this.. San Diego.. June 2012..

Our little family on a little family outing.. to Costco.

Little M takings a little poopie in her car seat.  That’s fine.  No problem, when daddy parks, I will lie her down in the seat next to me and change her diaper.. just. like. always.

Except.. this time isn’t like all the times before.

I lay her down and remove her diaper.

Her hand goes down and she gets a finger or two in her poopie.. “Daddy!  I need your help!

Hubby opens the car door to help me out.. as I restrain her poopie-hand, she kicks her leg straight.. into the open poopie diaper.

Poopie all over her leg.

Restraining and wiping both hand and leg, Little M arches and twists her back.

Daddy is holding hands, Mommy is holding arms.. and we have a Little M suspended in mid-air, upside down.. back arched.. and she’s throwing a tantrum..

Picture this.. a little 9month old.. suspended in mid-air.. upside down.. crying.. cars driving by us..

We had to wait for her to calm down for a second before we could lie her back down.. it was quite an adventure..

We eventually got her all cleaned up and diapered up and everything.. but WOW!

Changing her in the car used to be so easy.. now it’s a battle..

She’s definitely changing and I’m sure there will be many more stories like this.. stay tuned.. this parenting thing is getting more and more interesting..

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