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M loves Pringles, she calls them ‘pun-guls.’   M loves peas.

She loves to snack on both.  No, not at the same time.

We have to hide the Pringles in the space where we store the pots and pans.  If she sees them, she will want to eat them instead of her dinner.

For dinner, she’s constantly asking for peas.  While I gladly oblige, I have to make sure to give it to her halfway through her meal.  If given sooner, she will abandon her meal for the bowl of peas.

Did I mention that I do not like peas?  I think they are gross.

What sort of things are your kids snacking on at the moment?

Toilet paper.

Ok.. so it was my fault.  I used it to wipe her little runny nose.

Little did I know that the smallest amount of saliva can tear one ply of it into Little M’s mouth.

She chewed it..

And before I could stick my finger in her mouth to fish it out.. it was gone.

Hubby’s reaction:  It’s ok.. it’s just cellulose.

Science geek.

I eat.  I eat way too much.

I’m hungry all the time.. and I really should be grazing a lot more than what I’m doing now..

Which is.. wait til I’m starving.. and let my eyes do the eating before my mouth does.. that leads to piling my plate with too much food.. then getting way too full by the the time I only ate half of it.. but feeling guilty for taking it all.. and just eating it all anyway..

:::breathe.. breathe:::

Did that sentence even make sense?!

Anyway.. I’m lying on my couch.. laptop in lap.. stuffed..

Hubby brought home Hawaiian BBQ because I asked him to cook dinner.. he opted to just buy dinner.. I was too tired from being really busy at work to have to deal with kitchen stuff.. so at least he did his part and provided dinner.. Gotta love the hubby..

I really need to get off the couch and clean up some stuff.. but the food.. and the growing kiddo inside me.. are weighing me down.. big time!  At five months.. I can’t imagine how weighed down I will feel at 8 or 9 months.. Eek!

It’s hard to be a grazer during the week.. being at work makes it hard to just take those small frequent feedings..

I just need to learn to stop eating with my eyes first.. such a hard habit to break..

Now.. I think I’ll get some ice cream.. mmm..

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