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We’re a few days away from the six month mark to our wedding.. so far so good.. cool.. calm.. and collected..

But I’ve totally been procrastinating everything that has to do with the invitations.  I’m making them myself.. to save money.. and because I think it’s fun.. well.. the decorating part.. I don’t know how fun printing all 150+ invitations.. rsvps.. and info cards are gonna be.. then there’s the table settings.. the place settings.. the table numbers.. the programs.. the favors..


I just gave myself a mini-panic attack..

I guess I should stop blogging.. and get to working.. at least work on the favor tags.. that I know for sure I can finish before the wedding..

I just gotta breathe and tackle one task at a time.. I can handle that..

Joe and I are Catholic, so the obvious solution is to have a nice Catholic wedding.

Easy peasy.. NOT!

Did you know that you had to book an inquiry appointment BEFORE you can even reserve the date?

Well.. I didn’t… but I do now..

Oh.. and a word to the Church secretary..

This is my first time going to the Church to inquire about a wedding.  Don’t act annoyed when I ask a lot of questions.  Don’t expect that I’m just supposed to know what I’m doing right away.  This is a wedding.. my first wedding.. and if God permits.. my last wedding.. I’m new at this.. as are many young couples that inquire about weddings at the Church.  So have a little patience.

We’re still on Cloud 9 over the proposal and the idea of planning our dream weddings.  Don’t shoot us down with your bitter, annoyed ways.  Really..

Did you know that I went back to my car and cried a little bit?

Ya.. you were that harsh.

So for the next bride-to-be.. please be a little nicer.. please smile.. and at least be happy for us.. even if you have to fake it.. and help us.  Really.. that’s all we want!

This Church booking thing is rather difficult.  The appointment has to be made, but priests are usually only available on the weekdays.  Joe lives in San Diego.  He’s going to need to take a day off for this.

So far, so good.  I’ve got my wonderful aunts helping me out.

God will make this all work out.  I trust in Him completely.. and seriously.. that’s a hard thing to do sometimes..

But it’s all part of the journey.. everyone’s gone through this..

We’ll make it work.. thanks be to God!

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