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As promised here, this is the blog post about the hands/feet wreath in the middle of our Christmas mantle.

I found this on Pinterest and I knew I had to try it!


Click here to take you to the website the pin is linked to.

I had supplies.  I had green cardstock in two different shades.  I had red cardstock scraps and a circle hole punch.  I also had a paper plate to make the process of wreath-creating much easier.

I took two full 12in x 12in sheets of green cardstock in a light shade and a dark shade.

I took M’s hand and traced it out.


Sorry so blurry.  It was hard enough keeping her still to trace her hand, so you could imagine how hard it was for me to try to trace her hand AND take a picture at the same time!

After I did her hands, she wanted her feet traced too.  The pinterest project doesn’t feature feet, but I figure we could take some creative license and add some feet.  So I took the other shade of green cardstock and used that for her feet.

In the end, we had a stack of hands and feet.



I cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate, covered it with glue and we just started sticking the hands and feet down.  It took a bit of guidance from me to make sure we made it circular.  She had fun sticking things down in the “goopy glue.”

I used my 1in circle hole punch to punch out several red circles out of a piece of red scrap cardstock.  I put down blobs of glue and allowed M to stick them down where the blobs of glue were.


I’m sure we could have covered the paper plate better buy adding more hands and feet, but the amount of hands and feet we had were just the right amount to keep her attention.

Have I told you how much I love having a three-year old during Christmas time?!

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Before bed, M and I sometimes browse Pinterest on my phone.

She LOVES looking through the Christmas pins, so we’ve been finding some toddler-friendly Christmas crafts to do.

One big shopping trip to Joann’s later, we had enough supplies to start working on these Christmas crafts.

M and I started with this pin.  Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the pin.  Clicking here will take you directly to the pin’s website.


These items were super easy to find at Joann’s AND they were reasonably priced.  All these items costs less than $10 and we have enough to make about 10-15 candy canes.  Perfect to hang around the Christmas tree this year.

M loved stringing the beads onto the pipe cleaners.  She started off following a traditional candy cane pattern of alternating red and white, but after awhile I let her just do her own thing.  After finishing the first candy cane, she was so proud of herself.  She held it so carefully so she wouldn’t ruin the shape and would look at it many times.

She wanted to make a second one.  She started off ok, but being three years old, the lure of just playing with the beads was just too strong.  So I finished the second one for her, and I let her continue to play with the beads.  We counted them, lined them up on the ground, and sorted them by color.  It was a great learning opportunity AND a super fun craft!

I can’t wait to work on more Pinterest Christmas projects with her!

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My craft blog has been on hold for a good part of this year. 

I know I started the year saying that I would take on the crafting aspect of my life head-on and move forward and make things fabulous.  I said I’d blog three times a week.  I said I’d put more things on Etsy.  I said I’d be creating a lot.


I’ve stopped blogging.  My Etsy endeavors are totally fruitless. 

I do still create a lot.

I’ve been focusing more on my Facebook page and posting a lot of my Instagram page. 

This ARE in the works, but it just means that the craft blog had to take a little break.  I’m working on establishing myself a little bit more.  I’m working with my brother on creating a logo for my cards.  I’m working on opportunities that I can’t wait to share.  I will revamp my blog soon enough.

I’m still cardmaking and you can follow me on Facebook by going to CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

You can find me on Instagram by searching: CutieQCards.

If you want to see my cardmaking and scrapbooking, go to the CutieQ Cards n Crafts blog. 

Things are going to happen, its just taking some time..

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I made this card today.. I might be going to a birthday party tomorrow and I thought I’d make a card instead of buying one at the local Hallmark.. I have a Cricut now.. and that’s one of the reasons I bought one.. so I can expand on my creative energy and handmake cards and gifts..

I actually didn’t use the Cricut as much with this card.  I did use the Stand and Salute cartridge to make the card.  I cut it at 8″ and it worked out well.  I tried to do the envelope too, but I also set it to 8″ and it was way too small.  But since I only  had 8 x 11 paper, the machine wouldn’t let me make an envelope big enough to fit the card.. I’m sure I’ve got some envelops lying around.. or I could always buy a big pack at the local office supply store.

I had the scalloped squares from a person I bought stamps from on and they worked out so well for this card.. I love the colors..

I think I’m going to get a cartridge that has those scalloped shapes so that I could make some of those.. I liked what the did for the card.

I have so much patterned paper but I still dont’ know how to coordinate it with my projects.. I keep looking at videos on Youtube about cardmaking and I love what they do.. but I just don’t know how I can replicate that with the stuff that I have..

If you have any suggestions.. comments.. or criticism.. please leave comments.. I’d love more ideas for some projects..

So.. I got my Cricut Expressions a few weeks ago.. and I have to say.. I LOVE THAT THING!!!

March is the month of birthdays.. so I’ve made a few cards for those that are celebrating birthdays..

This entry is photo-heavy.. so enjoy!

I first wanna show off my workspace..

This is where I do my work.. It’s our dining room table.. so I obviously have to pack and unpack for every project.. this is the first time that I actually don’t mind cleaning up after myself.. haha.. and those who know me know that I hate cleaning!

Anyway.. on to the projects!

This was my first project.. I went to the local scrapbook store and bought the paper and stuff.. I love how I did the JOE lettering.. but the rest of it just looks so elementary and out of place.. I feel so bad because this was for my fiance’s birthday.. it was my first project and I wanted it to be special.. but I had limited supplies.. and wasn’t fully familiar with all that i could do.. poor baby.. I feel so bad his card is sooo ugly compared to everything I’ve done since.. which hasn’t been much.. but I’m seeing an improvement..

After going on a few crafting blogs.. I got the inspiration to do some layering.. I used some of the materials I had left over from my save-the-dates.. and I made this cute card for Joe’s mom.. I think I need a fancy ATG glue gun because a few days later.. the white part popped off the card.. i was still able to make it stick.. but that really should not have happened.. I hope that making sure my future projects are set under heavy weights after I make them will remedy this problem..

This is the last card I made.. I made it today.  My brother’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special and personalized.  After putting the card together I realized that I didn’t have room to stamp “happy birthday” with the current stamp I owned.. so I had to write it out myself.. I also have a lot more paper.. colors, weights, and textures.. so my cards can have a variety of looks now.. it’s come a long way from the very first card I made for Joe.. again.. poor hun!

These are what I have done so far.. and I plan of posting my projects as time continues to go on.. I hope you all enjoy these.. I would love anyone to leave any comments or suggestions for future projects.. I’d love more inspiration!

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