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So when Joe proposed to me in January, I told myself that I would take my time finding the perfect dress..

I told myself that I would go from store to store and not settle on one right away. 

I also had aspirations of going into a bridal boutique that carried the Disney-princess inspired dresses so I could try one on..

I also wanted to include my bridesmaids.. aunts.. future mother-in-law.. etc.. in the dress picking.. it was going to be a scene right out of that TLC show, “Say ‘yes’ to the dress.”

But.. that didn’t happen..

The same month that I was proposed to.. my mom and I went into Alfred Angelo’s on a whim and we just started looking around for dresses..

And.. I found THE dress..

It’s absolutely the one because my eyes teared up and all I could see was myself walking down the aisle in that dress..

Well.. it’s been about four months later and the dress is finally in the store ready for pick-up!

I’m sooo excited.. I’m going in on Saturday to pick it up and I absolutely cannot wait to see it!!!

A part of me wishes I took my time.. playing dress-up is always so much fun.. but another part of me is glad that I got this part of the wedding taken care of so soon.. even though I really need to keep my weight constant for the next 6ish months to make sure that the dress isn’t too big or too small come time for alterations..

I honestly don’t know what I’d recommend to newly proposed “bride-to-be’s.”

I mean, if you found the dress.. you found the dress.. and I don’t think it really matters how soon or how late into your planning you are..

The only thing I recommend for brides is.. before you do go dress shopping.. figure out where the dress will be stored in your living space once it does come in..

That’s the thing I am trying to figure out..

I’m a “wedding traditionalist” in that I do not want Joe to see the dress until the doors open and I’m walking down the aisle.. so I really need to find a place where he’s curiosity won’t take over and he’ll sneak a peek..

So if you are like me, figure out where the dress will be before the wedding before you buy the dress.. just so you aren’t scrambling for a place on the day you have to pick it up..

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