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M is just finishing another round of germs.  This time, it was congestion and an ear infection.

This year is just the year of sickies.

It seems like she’s been battling a cold every month or so since November of last year!

It also always seems like she just get can’t get a simple cold. 

They always follow this pattern.  She gets super congested, then she coughs.  The cough may or may not lead to asthma symptoms.  She may or may not end up with an ear infection.

It’s only March and I’ve taken so many days off to be “nurse mommy.” 

She needs to live in a bubble..

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Yes.  I have been off the blog for a few days.

Toddler germs are really potent. 

I caught whatever M was dealing with. 

M has gotten over it quite quickly. 

What ever she was dealing with absolutely floored me!  There weren’t enough steam baths, decongestants, tissues and hot tea in the world that was going to make me better.  Seriously.

I was so stuffed up one night that I was so absolutely miserable and angry at the world. 

I just couldn’t stop complaining and ranting and sulking and just being absolutely miserable just because I couldn’t breathe through my nose.

A little melodramatic, I know.. but I couldn’t help it. 

My poor M, because she wanted to be with me at all times, she had to hear about how miserable I was.  I’d lie there and she’d look at me.. and I’d just pour my frustrated heart out to her. 

And if you’re wondering, no, I never blamed her for my cold.  It’s not like she gave it to me on purpose.  It’s not her fault. 

Luckily, the severe congestion only lasted one night.  I’m still battling congestion, but it’s not as bad as that one sad night.  The cold seems to be lingering for me, while M is pretty much on the mend. 

I hope this cold won’t be too bad during Thanksgiving, I’d love to have some sense of taste back when I eat some yummy Thanksgiving food..


I picked up M from Grandma’s house yesterday and noticed a little bit of a runny nose.

I wiped it up and carried on with whatever I was doing.

I looked at her again and her nose was running again!

Oh no!  This couldn’t be a good sign.

Now, she’s all stuffed up and running at the same time.  She sounds so nasally, it’s cute and sad at the same time.

It’s that time of year where the sniffles are heard all over the place.

We’re ready!  We’ve got nasal spray, tissues, fever reducer, Vicks vapor run, the humidifier and a thermometer.

I hope that there will be no ear infections this season, but.. we all know it’s inevitable.  I just hope that she won’t get too many this year.

M started her cold on Monday.

Yesterday, my throat started feeling funny.

These kids and their super germs!

I used to take pride in the fact that I would rarely catch what M had.  There have been several colds that M suffered through that I survived unscathed.. Hubby wasn’t so lucky.

This time, oh this time, I know I’m going to suffer.  It may just be a funny feeling throat now.. but I know that it’s going to end up in a miserable cold later.

Lucky for me, I can take decongestants…

Let’s hope that this cold won’t knock me down too far..

Who takes care of mommy when mommy gets sick?!?!

Well, it was bound to happen again.

M has another cold.

She was just getting over the one she had about two weeks ago.. but we came home to a super stuffed up little girl that can’t say her “m’s” and “n’s.”

She was so stuffed up that when she called me, it came out as “bibi” not “mimi.”

And when she tried to count, it came out as “wahd” instead of “one.”

The poor girl.

I was totally expecting another sleepless night… but thank God, it wasn’t.

I gave M fever reducer before bed.  She had a slightly low grade fever, but I knew if I didn’t give her anything, that it could escalate into a full blown fever. 

I also slathered her chest with Vicks to help the vapors get to her nose and help open them up. 

And as any loving Filipino mother would do, I also put Vicks on her feet.  Don’t ask.  We just do.

Lastly, we turned on our humidifier.. we found that the warm air ones work better for M than the cool air.  I know that the cool air ones are much safer, especially with a hurricane of a toddler.  We tried the cool air one when she was younger, and it just never seemed to help her out much.  The warm air seemed to help clear her out every night we use it and it really helps give her a good nights sleep.

I’m hoping this cold won’t lead to an ear infection.  We dodged that bullet two weeks ago.. I’m hoping that we can avoid it again.


This past weekend, M caught a cold..

It was a mild cold, thank God.  It didn’t end up in an ear infection, thank God!

She was full of snot, which was only remedied by using a vaporizer in our bedroom at night. 

Well, being the loveable, huggable, kissable little girl she is… she kissed me, on the lips, with her runny little nose.

That was definitely not a good sign of things to come..

I’ve been feeling so under the weather for a few days now.. I’m not as stuffed up as she was, but I definitely have a little itch in my throat that makes me cough pretty frequently.. I’m tired, and just feel blah all around..

Kids and their super germs..


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