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I picked up M from Grandma’s house yesterday and noticed a little bit of a runny nose.

I wiped it up and carried on with whatever I was doing.

I looked at her again and her nose was running again!

Oh no!  This couldn’t be a good sign.

Now, she’s all stuffed up and running at the same time.  She sounds so nasally, it’s cute and sad at the same time.

It’s that time of year where the sniffles are heard all over the place.

We’re ready!  We’ve got nasal spray, tissues, fever reducer, Vicks vapor run, the humidifier and a thermometer.

I hope that there will be no ear infections this season, but.. we all know it’s inevitable.  I just hope that she won’t get too many this year.

Monday, Hubby and I started getting a funny feeling in our throats..

Oh no. That’s not good..

Yesterday, I got home and went straight to the craft room to work on a project.. I could tell that I was slowly sinking into a “sicky mode.”

When Hubby and M came home, Hubby said he wasn’t feeling all that great, and as I walked out the room, I could feel myself get achy and some chills came over me.

Immediately, I popped in an Advil to get rid of the aches.

I’m a mom.. I can’t afford to suffer the aches with a wild toddler around!

I sat on the couch for awhile watching M run around the room like she’d never been there before.  I waited for the Advil to kick in..

Once it kicked in, I was ready to go about the rest of the night balancing crafting and mommy-ing…

I woke up this morning with a monster headache.. but in my fog of “just woken up-ness” I forgot to take an Advil before I got to work.. so now.. I’m pretty much suffering.

The thing is… with Hubby and I both feeling under the weather.. it’s only a matter of time before M will start showing symptoms.  Just last night, she was sneezing a lot more than normal.. and for her.. sometimes that’s a sign of things to come. 

But we’re ready!  In true Filipino fashion, I rubbed Vicks on both her feet, her chest and back.  We turned on the vaporizer, but that was mostly for Hubby and I.  We located all her “sicky” tools like her nasal bulb thingy and her fever reducer.. we’re ready!

I just hope it doesn’t lead to an ear infection.. AND that it doesn’t happen this weekend.. the last thing I need is a sick kid on Mother’s Day!

Well, it was bound to happen again.

M has another cold.

She was just getting over the one she had about two weeks ago.. but we came home to a super stuffed up little girl that can’t say her “m’s” and “n’s.”

She was so stuffed up that when she called me, it came out as “bibi” not “mimi.”

And when she tried to count, it came out as “wahd” instead of “one.”

The poor girl.

I was totally expecting another sleepless night… but thank God, it wasn’t.

I gave M fever reducer before bed.  She had a slightly low grade fever, but I knew if I didn’t give her anything, that it could escalate into a full blown fever. 

I also slathered her chest with Vicks to help the vapors get to her nose and help open them up. 

And as any loving Filipino mother would do, I also put Vicks on her feet.  Don’t ask.  We just do.

Lastly, we turned on our humidifier.. we found that the warm air ones work better for M than the cool air.  I know that the cool air ones are much safer, especially with a hurricane of a toddler.  We tried the cool air one when she was younger, and it just never seemed to help her out much.  The warm air seemed to help clear her out every night we use it and it really helps give her a good nights sleep.

I’m hoping this cold won’t lead to an ear infection.  We dodged that bullet two weeks ago.. I’m hoping that we can avoid it again.


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