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When we were in Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend, my mom and I decided to let Hubby and my brother watch M while we spent a couple of hours having some fun in the casino.

When we returned, M was in Hubby’s lap and my brother was playing with her.

Once she saw me, she ran to me exclaming “Mimi and Ama came back!”

Then, after she gave me a huge hug, she tells me, “I hit head!”

Apparently, while Hubby and M were playing, she got up and ran away, tripped and bonked her head.  It wasn’t too hard, and she got over it quickly, but she totally felt the need to let me know.

It was the cutest thing and now Hubby knows he can’t hide anything from me so easily anymore…


M is learning about orientations..

Over, under and behind.

If you ask her where something is, it’s usually behind something or under something.

Other times, it’s hiding, according to her..

It’s super cute.

Sometimes she likes to make it a game for herself. 

For example, at the restaurant the other day…

Hides crayons under the menu..
M:  Mimi, where’s crayons??
Me:  I don’t know, where is it?!
M:  Undah pay-peh (
Translation: Under paper)

I have to say that it makes it easier to for me to tell her where to find things when she loses them.  I can now tell her that her toy is under the chair and she knows what I’m talking about.  I can tell her that her sippy cup is behind the recliner, and she knows just where to go!

Have I told you how much I love this age???

Yes.  I have been off the blog for a few days.

Toddler germs are really potent. 

I caught whatever M was dealing with. 

M has gotten over it quite quickly. 

What ever she was dealing with absolutely floored me!  There weren’t enough steam baths, decongestants, tissues and hot tea in the world that was going to make me better.  Seriously.

I was so stuffed up one night that I was so absolutely miserable and angry at the world. 

I just couldn’t stop complaining and ranting and sulking and just being absolutely miserable just because I couldn’t breathe through my nose.

A little melodramatic, I know.. but I couldn’t help it. 

My poor M, because she wanted to be with me at all times, she had to hear about how miserable I was.  I’d lie there and she’d look at me.. and I’d just pour my frustrated heart out to her. 

And if you’re wondering, no, I never blamed her for my cold.  It’s not like she gave it to me on purpose.  It’s not her fault. 

Luckily, the severe congestion only lasted one night.  I’m still battling congestion, but it’s not as bad as that one sad night.  The cold seems to be lingering for me, while M is pretty much on the mend. 

I hope this cold won’t be too bad during Thanksgiving, I’d love to have some sense of taste back when I eat some yummy Thanksgiving food..


I picked up M from Grandma’s house yesterday and noticed a little bit of a runny nose.

I wiped it up and carried on with whatever I was doing.

I looked at her again and her nose was running again!

Oh no!  This couldn’t be a good sign.

Now, she’s all stuffed up and running at the same time.  She sounds so nasally, it’s cute and sad at the same time.

It’s that time of year where the sniffles are heard all over the place.

We’re ready!  We’ve got nasal spray, tissues, fever reducer, Vicks vapor run, the humidifier and a thermometer.

I hope that there will be no ear infections this season, but.. we all know it’s inevitable.  I just hope that she won’t get too many this year.

Sunday night, M slept in the toddler bed.

I have to admit, I cheated a little bit.

M skipped her nap on Sunday, so she was super sleepy by about 9:30-10pm.  I had her on my lap on the recliner until she fell asleep.  Once she fell asleep, Hubby and I tucked her in her little bed.

I could not get a good peaceful sleep!  Every little move jolted me awake.  Even the silence would jolt me awake and I’d have to look over and see if she was ok.  Hubby would also get up and look at her at the slightest sound.  He says it was because he took a nap during the day and was unable to sleep, but I think it was because he missed her in the bed also…

Halfway through the night, maybe around 1-2am, M started rustling in her bed.  Of course, Hubby and I woke up to check on her.  She seemed fine until she popped up and started to look around.  


She was looking for me. 

I told her that I was right there next to her and of course she raises her arms up for me to carry her.  Immediately, I picked her up and brought her to the big bed. 

She spent the rest of the night snuggled up against me and we all were able to fall asleep.

It’s going to be an adjustment for all of us. 

I thought that Hubby would have been so relieved to have her out of the bed.  He wasn’t 100% on board with the whole co-sleeping arrangement I was so comfortable with, but I know that as time had gone on, it was something he had gotten used to. 

We just have to learn to get used to this new arrangement… maybe.

A few months or so ago, we mentioned toddler beds.. I knew it was an inevitability, but I just figured we’d cross that bridge when we get there..

We got to the bridge this weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up wedged (literally) between Hubby and M.  They were pressed up so much against me that I had no room to move.  It was uncomfortable, but I felt loved.  Who wouldn’t want the two people you love the most being so close to them?!

Anyway, we all woke up and Hubby and I were having a conversation about how squished I was between them.  Hubby mentioned toddler beds, and I brushed it off.  I didn’t want to deal with that yet.

But it was as if M was listening in on our conversation and actually understanding what we were saying because she suddenly said, “Sleep in small bed?  Yes?”

Me:  “You want to sleep on a small bed?  You want your own bed?”
M:  “Yes.”
Me:  “You will sleep in a small bed?  Where will me Mimi and Daddy sleep?”
M:  “Big bed.”

Well.. later on that day, we purchased a toddler bed.  Yes.

We looked at Babies R Us and priced them.. The frame alone was $119, while the mattress cost anywhere between $199 to $79!  That didn’t include any sheet sets, we didn’t bother to look.

Luckily, next door to the Babies R Us was a Target.  We found a cute bedframe that looks almost like our bed for only $79.  The mattress we chose was $69.  The sheet set we purchased (Sofia the First) was about $12.  We have the Target card, so we have a 5% discount on all our purchases AND we  had gift cards.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for not wanting to get the most expensive, like I used to.. I think I’m finally growing up!

We assembled the bed and put it in our bedroom.

It’s one thing to get her a toddler bed.. it’s another issue for me to deal with to get her out of our bedroom!  Baby steps..

Bed time came and she went straight to the toddler bed, which she called “sofia bed” because of the Sofia the First sheets.  She put the comforter around her and asked for the lights to be off.   I really thought she was going to go through with it.

I go up into my bed and she follows.

Me:  “Aren’t you going to sleep in the sofia bed?”
M:  shakes her head “No, sleep in mimi bed?”


So, as much as she loves her toddler bed, at this moment, she thinks its just another new toy.

We’ll try again tonight, but I won’t force it.  I will put her there for naps, but bed time will be a process..

I guess having a toddler bed isn’t so bad after all..



M loves Youtube. 

I think I’ve mentioned this several times before..

There are videos that use pop songs in the background.

There’s one video of a Play Doh Ice Cream Shoppe review that M loves to watch over and over again.  In the background, the song that is playing is Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”  M has seen this video enough that she knows and sings the song.  When she hears the song, she now calls it the “Play Doh Song.” 

There’s a fan video of Masha & The Bear using Demi Lovato’s “Two World’s Collide.”  She watches THAT video many times that she also knows and sings the song also.  When she hears this song, she now calls it the “Masha Bear Song.”

Sometimes in the car, she wants to hear those songs.  Lucky for her, I’ve owned those songs for a long time. 

“Mimi?  Play Doh Song?”

“Mimi?  Masha Bear Song?”

It’s the cutest thing.  The best part is her singing along…

What pop songs do your toddlers love?

M is so interested in Play Doh that a good number of the videos she watches on Youtube involve playing with a Play Doh set.

Not kidding.

She watches this video where they are reviewing some sort of ice cream making Play Doh toy.  She watches this video where someone is making a rainbow with Play Doh.  She watches this video where they are opening a box of some Play Doh toy and just going over what’s inside and then making stuff with it..

It’s pretty cute how obsessed she seems to be with Play Doh.

I won’t buy her any.

Not that I’m against Play Doh.  I used to love Play Doh as a child.  I remember having so many tubs of it.  I also remember being really careful not to mix my colors together.  So the objects I ended up creating were always just one color.  I didn’t like seeing the colors get all mixed up.

The reason I won’t buy her any is because she sticks toys in her mouth.  Yes, at two years old, she still has a habit of sticking things in her mouth.  The scary thing is, since her mouth has obviously grown, objects fit further into her mouth than before.  So we have been SUPER diligent about the objects that are around her.  There are the obvious play foods and table settings that go into her mouth.  She loves to pretend she’s eating, or having a tea party.  Such a girlie girl.  Then there are toys that should be in her mouth, and that’s why I worry.

She always asks for Play Doh videos, and when she sees actual Play Doh in the stores, she always seems to want it.  I feel really bad about not getting it for her, but it’s for her safety.  I tell her all the time, “I will buy you Play Doh when you no longer put random things in your mouth.”  So far, she hasn’t shown me that she’s matured in this aspect, so.. no Play Doh.

I can’t wait until she is old enough for it all.  I can’t wait to play with the Play Doh with her.  Maybe I’ll show her that it’s ok to mix colors.  Maybe that’s more for me than for her.  I shudder to think of the icky brown color that will result when all the colors eventually get smushed together.. :::shudder:::

Thankful November:
November 13 – I’m thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to discover new toys and new experiences through technology.  I’m thankful that she is blessed with these opportunities to grow and learn and develop.

M loves to draw with crayons and markers.  She has a nice little collection of coloring books, and because I craft, she has an endless supply of scrap paper to play with..

But, she loves writing on the wall.

I don’t know what it is, but she loves writing on that wall.  I don’t know if it’s the bumpy texture, or the fact that she can stand up while writing, or the novelty of it all… I really don’t know.  But she loves doing it.

Now, we live in an apartment, so writing on the wall isn’t the best idea.  We don’t own the walls, and I would hate to lose our deposit due to a toddler’s drawing habit when we decide to finally move out..

I remembered my brother having the same love of drawing on the walls in our home when we were younger.  For months, we lived in a museum of mural art, all from my little brother.  He drew on as many walls as he could, as big and as elaborated as he wanted.  It’s no wonder my brother grew up to be an artist of sorts… who saw that coming??

My mom tried to curb the habit (and save the walls) by taping a sheet of paper to the wall and have him draw on that instead.  I vaguely remember her cutting open a brown paper bag and taping it to the wall.  However, my brother was, and still is, smarter than the average bear, and he figured out how to lift off the tape and draw UNDERNEATH the paper.

Since we owned the house, my mother decided to just let him have the artistic freedom and when we went on a 3-month vacation to the Philippines, my dad (who was left behind since no work would allow a 3-month vacation!) painted over the walls.  Luckily, when we came back, my brothers drawing habits had matured and he stuck to paper..

Seeing that my daughter looks to be following the footsteps of her Godfather (my brother), I decided that I will try to distract her with paper on the wall.

I have a large roll of shipping wrap from Scotch.  It was from last years attempt to wrap Christmas papers “artistically.”    It’s the perfect size and I can make it as long as I wanted..

I tried a small piece on the wall just to see how it would go..


She actually enjoys it very much.  And since this picture was taken, I’ve replaced the paper with a much longer one and she enjoys that a lot too.

While it contains MOST of the coloring onto the paper, there are times where she still wants to test her boundaries and ventures onto the wall.  Constant reminders to stay on the paper are heard on a daily basis, but I think it could be getting better.

What I also love about the paper on the wall is that it almost serves as a sort of “chalkboard.”  She asks me to draw certain things, and I can do so for her almost like a teacher.   I have been able to use the paper to show her how to spell out certain words.  I’ve showed her the difference between left and right, up and down.  We’ve reviewed her shapes, numbers, letters.. all those basics..

It’s actually really fun!

Just a few pointers:  We use painters tape to keep the paper on the wall so we don’t do too much damage.  And a baby wipe immediately after the marker hits the wall does wonders in getting the marker ink off..

The time change at this time of the year is always my favorite.  It feels like gaining an hour of sleep.. and I LOVE it..

I never know if it’s either the end or the beginning of Daylight Saving Time.. but it doesn’t matter to me.. it’s the mind trick of making it seem like I just gained some sleep..

Eventually my body will adjust, but lets just let me enjoy this for the first week or so…

What I don’t enjoy is how late it feels at 5pm.. that feeling always throws me off..

I’m trying to keep things normal around the toddler.  I’m sure M feels the difference, but I want her to adjust as fast as possible.  I try to keep her meals at around the same time as normal, even though compared to last week, they are all an hour later.  I try to get her to bed at the same time as well.  It’s the same thing I did when we were in Hawaii and when we got back.  Thank God I have a pretty laid back child, and she pretty good at being flexible to change..

How do you adjust your children to the time change?

Thankful November
November 4 – I’m thankful for sleep.  Simple.

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