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Just popping in to wish everyone a happy 4th of July weekend!

Please stay safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of my “Life in the carpool lane…”


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My “14 Loves” countdown to Valentines Day series is over for the year.  It was my first time doing it and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out.   It gave me a great reason to blog every day again.

If you noticed, I didn’t include Hubby, M, God, my Catholic faith, and any other obvious loves that everyone always includes in their “I love…” type lists.


It’s not because I don’t love them.  I actually love a lot.  It’s pretty obvious how much I love them all. 

I didn’t put them on the list because I wanted to focus on the little things.  Every day, I get consumed with the mundane details of daily life.  I start to complain about life.  I start to feel bored.  I start to yearn for change and excitement.

“14 Loves” allowed me to focus on the little things in my life that aren’t as mundane as I thought.  It allowed me to realize that my life is full of love and happiness, even in my day-to-day activities.  It reminded me that my life is good, not boring.

Take some time to find the little things you love about your life and hopefully next year you can join me doing “14 Loves.”

Halfway through last year, I felt the need to have an organizer.  You know, those calendar organizers.

I have one at work, but I felt like I needed one at home.

But because it was halfway through the year, I didn’t want to waste my money on something that I was only going to use half of..

AND I could have gone all technological and looked for an app for my phone.. but I still cherish actually writing things down and turning pages.. call me “old-school.”

So this year, I bought myself a weekly/monthly planner at Target.. its super cute.

I’m not sure what I wanted to get out of it when I longed for it last year.. AND I’m still at a loss with what I want to do with it right now..

For now.. I’m using it to keep track of blog entries for this blog and my craft blog.. and I’m using it for meal planning..

Any other ideas???

Alright.. January 2nd, 2014.

I’m back at the daily grind.. the usual schedule.. the 9a-5p.. or, in my case, the 7a-3:30p…

It’s 2014 and I have to get used to writing “14” instead of “13.”  It takes me awhile to even get used to the month changing.. lets see how long it takes me to get used to this year change.

So here we are, at 2014. 

This year, I…

  1. Will turn 34.
  2. Will be the mother to a three year old.
  3. Hopefully get pregnant with baby #2.
  4. Hopefully find the change I need to feel satisfied with my “career.”
  5. Will have known and dated Hubby for 6 years.
  6. Will have been married for 4 years.
  7. Will have scrapbooked at least 60 layouts this year (that’s 5 layouts a month..).
  8. Will have increased success in creating and selling some crafts.
  9. Will finally get down to my full weightloss goal.. (only to get prego again!).
  10. Finally figure out how to proper meal plan and grocery shop.
  11. Enjoy family time.
  12. Make several trips to the Birch Aquarium (since we are now members!)
  13. Enjoy friends (ie. make sure M lives in a germ-free bubble so that we can actually hang out with friends).
  14. Take more pictures.

Fourteen things for 2014.  How cute was that?!

What will happen to you in 2014?

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