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I like listening to podcasts.

I used to have more time while I was a working mom.  I’d listen to them while at my desk or while in the lab.  I would be able to go through so many podcast episodes in one day.

Because of this, I was able to be hooked on several different podcasts.

Now, because my time is limited, I am only limited to two podcast series.

Serial – I was completely addicted to the first season.  I just seem to get into the second season, but I’m still subscribed to it.  I’m hoping the third season might make me want to listen again.

Gilmore Guys – So I’m binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix in preparation for the new Gilmore Girls mini-series coming soon, but that’s another blog post for another time.  I have this thing about having to listen to a podcast from Episode 1 and these early episodes are pretty scatter-brained and all over the place.  However, I’m pushing on, and hoping that the podcast gets better because I love the Gilmore Girls and I love listening to podcasts that dissect television shows.

Any other podcasts I should try?

Leave me suggestions in the comments!

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For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love Podcasts.

Podcasts help me get through the work day.  When I was working in the lab, we used to have a radio.  It only picked up one station and it wasn’t music that any of us in the lab enjoyed.  Eventually, we got rid of the radio and worked in silence.  Because of the silence, I started bringing my headphones and started listening to podcasts.  I listen to them to keep me entertained while doing my work.  I love podcasts that make me laugh.  They make my day go faster.  It’s wonderful. 


I added a new category to my blog.. “Church rulez..”

As some of you know, I am a Catholic.. a pretty devout Catholic.. I go to Mass every Sunday.. I volunteer in several ministries in my church.. of course.. I sing in the choir..

I used to be a fairly active listener to the Catholic podcasts.. and participant in various Catholic social media things.. I wish I had more time to devote to that.. but pursuing my MBA has put a damper on the constant listening.. and such.. but I still try to pop in every so often.. I learned so much from those podcasts..

My faith is very important to me.. it even gave up a romantic relationship for my faith.. but we all know that whenever the Lord closes a door.. somewhere He opens a window.. and that’s exactly what He did..

I know I am blessed in many ways.. and I never forget to thank God for all of it..

Today is Good Friday.. a day to remember all that Jesus went through.. all the suffering for our sins..

Let’s keep a prayerful attitude today.. and just remember all He has done for us..

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