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Ideally, I should have been finished with the squat challenge.  I would have finished 250 squats..

But.. I got bored.  So very bored.  Bored.  Bored.  Board

So, I stopped.  I stopped at about 160-170. 

I know.. I was soooo close.

I know.. I should be more motiviated..

I heard all the pep talks.  I heard all the “I can’t believe your gonna quit” from the Hubby.

I even heard, “I thought we were going to do this together!”  Yes.  I feel bad.

But I was bored.

And that’s my problem with working out.  I get bored.  I get board of the same work out all the time..

So.. I’m looking for another thing to do..

Yesterday, I felt the need to jog.. so I called up Hubby to set up the jogging stroller so we could take a jog around the apartment complex with M.  BUT.. I had no idea that jogging stroller tires needed air and all the tires were flat! 

I ended up taking M to the playground.

I did get an arm workout by pushing the teeter totter up and down while M sat on the other end…

I know.. I gotta focus and I gotta be motivated.  I’m only hurting myself.. yadda yadda yadda..

I need to find a workout I like.. that’s preferably free… because I like yoga but I don’t want to pay for all those classes and I obviously don’t have the discipline to do it on myown..

Another fitness challenge FAIL…

On yesterday’s blog post, here, I mentioned that I was going to work on my diet and just let the exercise eventually find it’s way back into my system..

Around Thursday of last week, I learned about the 30 day squat challenge..

Picture taken from the 30 Day Squat Challenge Facebook page.

Hubby and I decided to do this together.. which I LOVE.  I love that we are doing this together.. it’s a bonding experience and since we are doing it at home, M can watch us doing it..  She likes when one of us holds her while squatting.. And she also likes squatting herself.. by the way.. she’s really good! 

Hubby and I are on Day 7.  It’s a challenge.. those squats hurt!  I look forward to the Rest days like no body’s business.

This challenge is great because it goes along the lines of my “one day at a time” mentality.  I don’t look at it as an entire 30 day challenge.  I look at them like 30 separate daily challenges..

So today, I tell myself.. “Today, I will do 80 squats.”  I have to do it because I said I would do it today.  I don’t think about the resting tomorrow.  I dont’ think about starting up again on Friday.. I think about only today.

I’ve been eating much better, and slightly smaller portions.. its is falling into place without the pressure I put on myself earlier this year..

I weighed myself yesterday.. 145lbs. 

:::mini-victory dance:::

So, I have a confession to make.

Remember back in February when I said that I was going to run a mile every two days for this year?


That lasted a month!

What happened was that I got pretty under the weather and stopped.. and it’s been soooo hard to get back on track.

I know.. excuses, excuses..

So.. I thought it was ok… I really wanted to concentrate on my scrapbooking and cardmaking that I felt like I really had NO time to incorporate the run..

Plus.. I’ve never really like running.. so it was easy for me to just tell myself to skip it..

I told myself that as long as I kept my weight the same (143lbs) that I can work on my diet and slowly get the weight down that way..

I ended up gaining 4 lbs.. now at my heaviest lately, I’ve been 147lbs. 


I need to do something.. and take it seriously this time..

But, because of all this “fitness goals of the year” thing, I learned a bit about myself.

I learned that I DON”T like exercise.  I don’t like running.  I don’t like anything that really makes me burn and sweat.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  I. Don’t. Like. Exercise.

I liked pilates, but with the limited amount of space per class, it was hard to schedule myself in because I would schedule far in advance, then something would happen and I’d have to cancel last minute and lose the class…

I LOVE yoga.. but only with a class and those places are pretty pricey.. AND the class times don’t fit my desired schedule..

I’m not a runner.. I’m not a weights lifting type person.. I’m just not into it.. no matter how much I try to convince myself that I need to do this.. I dislike it that much to really push myself to do it..

God’s honest truth.

I also learned that I can’t look at things as a “year-long” goal.  Huge goals like this overwhelm me.. not only in exercise, but in pretty much everything I do.  Goals are “too big” for me.. especially if I set them as “all year” type things.. I can’t look at things in the “big picture.”  It overwhelms me and I just give up.

That’s just me.

So… I juggle my fitness and exercise the same way I juggle my craft projects.  I will break them down into small do-able tasks.. one day at a time..

The mentality of “today I will do….” makes things much easier for me to accomplish.. and I don’t feel so overwhelmed..

I decided to start on my diet.  Once I got the food intake back on track, the exercise would slowly make it’s way back in.

I start small. 

Last Friday’s goal was “Today, I will have a salad for lunch,” and I did.

Today, I will NOT get a fancy Starbucks coffee.  I will drink from home with my sugar-free hazelnut creamer. 

My “fitness challenge” wasn’t in vain.. although I failed physically, I learned a lot about myself and I can now adjust my life to fit my mentality more.  I think that this will fair a lot better than what I tried to do for myself in February.

So I did it! 

I ran my first mile for my personal fitness challenge.

I got home from work on Tuesday, put on my running clothes, walked to the apartment gym, got on that treadmill and… jogged.

I’ve never been a runner, so the jogging is an accomplishment on its own!

I ran at 3.5 speed on the treadmill.  I don’t know if all treadmills follow that particular numbering system, but it seems like every treadmill I’ve gone on is the same.

I actually jogged straight for 0.6mi.  Then I walked from 0.6-0.7mi, then jogged again from 0.7-0.9mi, and then walked from 0.9-1.0mi.

That means I jogged for a total of 0.8mi and briskedly walked for 0.2mi.

That session took 19 minutes to complete.

It may seem like a long time for most people, but for me, that is a major accomplishment.

I could NEVER finish a mile in under half an hour.. even in my middle school and high school days.  I could NEVER run for half a mile straight before, so running a little over half a mile was very encouraging for me.

The next day, I was sore.  I guess my legs just aren’t used to this anymore.

I’m very encouraged from this first run.  I really think I can do this!

I tried to run on Wednesday.

Ok.. I didn’t TRY, I DID run.. kinda..

I’ve been at my parents house this week, and lucky for me, they have a treadmill in the family room.

Easy, peasy.   I can run and be with M at the same time.. no problem..

Little did I know that a moving treadmill for a toddler is like a flame to a moth.. She loved watching it move AND she wanted to touch it..

Five minutes and a quarter mile, I was motiviated.. I was pumped.

Then I had to jump off and take the emergency key off because she wanted to climb..

Ok.. I got back on and tried again.. but it was harder now.. I was getting tired and turned it into a brisk walk…

I started up to a jog again when I had to stop it once more because M wanted to play tea party and laid the teapot onto the moving treadmill.. good thing I didn’t trip on it!

I tried to start again, but by then, I was too tired to think about jogging.. so I walked..

I finally had to stop because M tripped on a pillow and ALMOST face planted onto her little bench.. good thing she didn’t, but she was shocked about the whole thing, she wanted her “mimi.”

Overall, it took me about 15 minutes and I got in a half a mile.

I learned two things:

1.  I’m really out of shape.

2.  No running on a treadmill with a toddler in the room.

I guess I’ll try again next week when I can run the treadmill in the apartment gym away from M..

It’s a start..

No excuses, but it’s hard to have strict exercise schedule when caring for a newborn..

Sure she takes naps, but I tend to take naps with her.. or there are other errands I need to take care of when she’s napping that exercising takes a back seat..

I can’t really “diet” the way I want to because of the fact that I’m breastfeeding…

I worked on abs twice last week, and I played with the kettlebell twice last week.. but my exercising is sporadic.. so I don’t know how well I will see results..

I’ve been trying to cut down on my sweets intake.. and I think I’ve been doing a good job on that.. except for the chocolate binge I had yesterday at my parents house..

And now I have a definitive day to return to work.  My first day back to work will be January 30.

That gives me a good two months or so to really work on getting into some pre-prego pants.. I kind of don’t want to buy new jeans.. nor do I want to go back to work wearing maternity pants..

I didn’t lose weight.. but the great news is that I haven’t gained any either..

So.. I guess there is hope for me yet!

I had my follow-up appointment with my OB-GYN yesterday… I can’t believe it’s been six weeks or so since I’ve given birth.. nor can I believe how much Little M has changed in the past six weeks or so..

Thank God everything has healed well and I can resume life as I was pre-prego!

That means that I can start working out and working on losing this baby weight.. I just might be able to fit into pre-prego pants before I have to go back to work!

In the spirit of accountability, I am hoping to track my progress on my blog.. no pictures.. just written updates.. hee hee.

Today I weighted in at 158lbs.  My goal is to get under 130lbs.  That means I have 28lbs to lose..

I’m going to try to get some actual exercise in.  I have the kettleball my mom bought, and I found some easy, beginner ab exercises in an issue of Fit Pregnancy I found at the hospital…

Maybe tomorrow I’ll work on hitting up the treadmill again.. slowly..

I also get a pretty good workout carrying my little one.. and swaying around to calm her..

If only I can stop watching and craving sweets.. it’s definitely a hard habit to break..

So.. with the end of my first trimester just days away.. I’ve noticed that my nausea is pretty much gone.. and I don’t go home and plop on the couch right away..

My energy level isn’t 100% what it used to be.. but I definitely see a change. 

With that said.. hubby is ready to start exercising with me again.. Ok.. not major cardio.. I’m not training for any marathons any time soon.. but I figure that I really should get back to getting active again.. even if it’s just walking on a treadmill for 15 – 30  minutes..

So.. after work.. we are going to add whatever needs to be added to the crockpot for dinner.. and then go to the little gym in our apartment and he can run and I will walk..

If I don’t make myself make the time to do this.. I will let the laziness take over and I will never get it done..

Now that it’s written on the blog.. I have to hold myself to it.. it’s all about the credibility.. Hee hee..

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