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Cry baby.

That’s pretty much what Little M is all about lately.. she cries when she wakes up.. she cries when she is hungry and asleep.. she cries when she doesn’t see me.. she cries when she wants to go down and crawl.. she cries when I don’t let her pound on my laptop’s keyboard.. she cries when I take away something she’s playing with.. she just cries..

Yesterday she cried because she wanted Hubby and I in the same room so she can see us both!

Some days she cries because it’s dark and wants to fall asleep with some light.. then there are days when she cries because it’s too bright and wants to fall asleep in the dark..

Ok.. let me clarify.. she isn’t always bawling with huge tears streaming down her cheek.. she’s more like.. angry, whiny babbling for most of it.. it almost sounds like she’s trying to tell me why she’s upset in her own little baby babble language..

There are occasions where she does cry with the big tear drops.. but that’s really rare.. and it’s not that annoying cry that makes you just want to tear your hair out.. or maybe that’s because she’s my daughter and my patience level is just so unusually up there.. especially for me..

I know she’s learning to express herself.. she’s learning how to communicate what she wants, likes, doesn’t like.. etc..

And I know that she’s at that age where she’s experiencing stranger/separation anxiety..

But this will pass right?

I’ll get my little happy, content daughter back, right?

Warning:  This post may be a little too “TMI” for boys and those that aren’t mommies at the moment.. but since this is blog about all my life experiences.. I figure that it’s ok to post.

I made the decision to stop nursing a few days ago.  For the past month, I had only been nursing her at night, and this past week, it just didn’t seem like it was enough for her anymore.  So, I had to make the executive decision to stop nursing her at 3months and 1week of age.

It’s bittersweet.  I’m glad that now I can go back to eating everything I loved to eat, and also diet the way I should to get back to my pre-prego weight.  But, I LOVED nursing.

I loved watching her nurse on me.  Nothing perverted.  I loved watching her nurse in a mother-child bonding way.  It was like our last sort of physical connection outside of her being in my womb.

But I’m not too worried.  I’m glad I cut my losses and stopped nursing her because she clearly wasn’t getting enough from me and I don’t want to think I’m starving her for the sake of wanting to nurse her for 6months.

I’m going to miss the ease of nursing, especially during the night feedings.  All I had to do was sit up and bam!  Feeding time!

But now that she bottle feeds at night, we get good 4-5 hour stretches of sleep.. ahh.. sleep.

So, goodbye nursing.  I hope Little M got all that she needed from me.

At what age did you stop nursing your little one?

I can’t believe how fast time flies.. especially with a child..

Little M is officially 2 months old today and I don’t know how we got here.. didn’t I just take her home from the hospital as a newborn?

Now she’s a cooing, cuddly baby.. with an occasional smile that’s not contributed to gas.. she’s outgrown all her newborn clothes and fits into 3month sleepers and outfits.. her cries sometimes sound like whines.. and her eyes stare at me with the recognition that I’m her mother.. it’s the greatest feeling in the whole world when she looks at me knowing who I am.

She had her first set of immunizations last Tuesday and that was probably one of the saddest things I had to witness.  She cried sooo hard when the needle would enter her little thighs.. I have never seen her cry like that before and my heart was breaking because I didn’t want her to go through that much pain.  My consolation was that after the shots were done she literally stopped crying.. so that pain didn’t last long..

However.. going home and once that first dose of Tylenol wore off… the cries started again.  I felt so bad.. nothing I did until the medicine kicked in again helped her.  Luckily the pain in her thighs didn’t last long, but she did have slight fevers Tuesday and yesterday.  The fevers were only low-grade and she didnt’ seem like she didn’t feel good.  I was happy that was all it was.

At two months of motherhood, I’m still waking up twice a night.. depending on the time I sleep.. if I sleep late enough I really only wake up once.. so it’s kind of relative.  I’m getting used to waking up in the middle of the night, but I still need to nap at least once during the day..

I’m still working on losing weight.. it’s pretty hard to find the time to work out.  I only really “worked out” once.. yesterday.  Only yesterday.  I’m trying to watch what I eat, but since I’m still breastfeeding I can’t watch my quantities.. I weighed myself today and I’m still pretty much stuck at 158lbs.  I’m going to try to start walking around the apartment complex a little bit with her in the stroller.. I know every little bit helps.  I’m just trying to avoid buying a new set of clothes for my return to work.. that would be the worst shopping experience ever..

Two months of motherhood.. two of the best months of my life..

Little M is about 2 and a half weeks old now..

Time really flies.. and I wish that time would move just a little slower because I don’t want her to grow up too fast..

I’m trying to savor every little moment of her “newborn-ness” and it seems to go by hour by hour.. day by day.

It’s too fast for my own good..

Anyway.. these two weeks of “motherhood” have been great.. it’s a feeling that I can not put into words.. and I’m sure that every other mother can say the same thing..

I love being a mother..

Little M and I have a great little system going on..

She sleeps, and does her dirty diaper thing.. and I’m her milk machine and diaper changer.. its 24/7 type of job.. every 3 hours the cycle continues.. over and over again.. every 3 hour span of sleep is a little piece of heaven..

Thank God for Hubby and my mommy.. helping me out and giving me some extra pieces of sleep where I’m not half-awake thinking about Little M..

I’ve also resorted into sleeping with my glasses on.. I don’t think I’ve taken them off since she was born!  It just makes it easier to wake up and deal with her in the middle of the night for her feedings/diaper changes.. it’s one less thing I have to stumble around for while dealing with a crying baby..

Two weeks into mommyhood.. I’d give anything for an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep.. and maybe someone else to have milky boobs for just at least one feeding.. but other than that.. I wouldn’t trade my life in for anything else!

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