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Perhaps I’m giving into my inner “attention seeker..”

But I’m here writing another blog entry about facebook games.. hey.. these entries get a lot of hits..

Just when I thought I’m all caught up on Treasure Madness.. they add a few more maps.. and treasure collections.. but I have to say.. the rate of giving and sending treasures to other team-mates has slowed down tremendously.  I think the novelty of the game is starting to wear off on people.. or we are just not getting enough duplicates to send out to needy team-mates..

Either that.. or I’m analyzing a facebook game a little too much..

Or.. it’s because I’ve found myself slowing getting addicted to other games..

Like Youtopia.. think of it as “farmville” but with a city vibe.. you’re making products like laptops, and jeans.. and making movies.. and selling them.. and shipping them.. your in charge of turning your little plot of land into this booming city..

You can work on other people’s land.. shipping off their products.. and collecting their hourly monies.. and you get a bonus if you collect off of your friends.. I like it.. but I’m sure I’ll get bored eventually..

Another game I’m totally getting into is Bubble Popp.. think of Pearls Mania in Treasure Madness.. that’s pretty much the whole game.. it’s based underwater.. it’s bubbles blown from a little shell fish.. it’s too cute.. and the bubbly, underwater sound is sooo addicting..

How am I going to juggle the last two weeks of school, and wedding planning.. with all these facebook games?!?!?!



I’ve pretty much dropped every other game I’ve been playing on Facebook, except that Treasure Madness game.

I think I’m seriously addicted to it.

I WAS almost done with the maps that they were given, but then they keep adding a few more.. which is ok.. I’d hate to think I’d actually finish the game without finishing all the collections.

However, I hope that they add more collections for us to collect stuff for.

The only thing that sucks is that I’ve been getting the same items over and over and over.. for collections I’ve finished ages ago!

Sheesh.. I’m such a nerd.

I can’t help it though.. I’m obsessed with the mini-games.. especially Pearls Mania..

I’m about to finish Farm Island soon.. I’m thinking of tackling Huge Island next..

Maybe I’ll squeeze in some homework along the way.. hee hee..

Why, oh why, must you be so addicting.. with all your status updates.. and friend updates.. and games.. and photo albums.. and comment this.. and comment that..


Now, you’ve started a new game called Treasure Madness..

I have to go to a choir rehearsal in a half an hour and I’m here trying to level up so that I can regain full health points..


Why is this the only thing worth blogging about right now?

Sad.. sad.. sad.

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