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It’s madness!

Posted on: December 13, 2009

I’ve pretty much dropped every other game I’ve been playing on Facebook, except that Treasure Madness game.

I think I’m seriously addicted to it.

I WAS almost done with the maps that they were given, but then they keep adding a few more.. which is ok.. I’d hate to think I’d actually finish the game without finishing all the collections.

However, I hope that they add more collections for us to collect stuff for.

The only thing that sucks is that I’ve been getting the same items over and over and over.. for collections I’ve finished ages ago!

Sheesh.. I’m such a nerd.

I can’t help it though.. I’m obsessed with the mini-games.. especially Pearls Mania..

I’m about to finish Farm Island soon.. I’m thinking of tackling Huge Island next..

Maybe I’ll squeeze in some homework along the way.. hee hee..


3 Responses to "It’s madness!"

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Louis Choquel, Treasure Madness. Treasure Madness said: It’s madness! […]

Believe me, it’s sad to have finished al the maps. I tried to finish fast, because of the Christmas Collections and now? Now I’m stuck and can’t continue. The worst: I’m only a few points away from a new Level, so when I’m finally able to play again, the full HP I have now won’t matter.

[…] It’s madness! December 20092 comments 3 […]

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