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I just finished watching the Lakers beat the Nets.

I like watching basketball, especially Lakers basketball.  I love going to the Laker games and just being with all the other Laker fans.  The energy is unbelievable.. especially when they are playing against a harder team to beat.

I like watching basketball.. but I don’t know a darn thing about it.

I mean, I know the basic rules.  Each team has to put the ball through the hoop in order to score points.

It’s the technical things I don’t know.. like fouls.. positioning.. the names of the positions and what they mean.

My cousin’s 8yr old son can rattle off basketball jargon like it’s his second language.. and I usually have no clue what he’s talking about..

My dad and brother can spot fouls before the ref even blows his whistle.. when all I see is just a big jumble of tall men tripping around for the basketball…

I need to learn some of these rules.. I need to know what they mean by fouls.. what fouls look like.. and all that mess..

Maybe if I speak enough basketball-talk it would get my boyfriend to appreciate the sport a little better.. or maybe it would just impress him more that I’m into a sport.. hahah..

Either way.. it’s win-win!


NCAA basketball..

Thanks to my lil ZZ, who is my cousin’s son.. I have officially been hooked into the college basketball tournament..

The other day we were all at his grandmother’s house and he prints a whole bunch of tournament brackets.  He passes one out to each of us and told us to fill one out.

Now I’m all over the basketball games.  Too bad I don’t really remember who my picks were.  He said he was going to email us our brackets, but he’s eight years old.. I’m sure he’s forgotten by now.

Any case, I know who I picked as my winning team and I’d like to see how far I get in my picks before I get taken out of the game completely..

It’s actually a lot more interesting that I thought.. I have always liked watching basketball.. but it’s something about it being the championship tournament that makes it so much more exciting.. it’s like when I get really into the NBA playoffs..

Looks like it’s the start of something I may do every year.. but I should keep up with the whole season so my picks are more justified than the  “eeny meeny minny mo” strategy..

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