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I’m a dance mom.


That’s me.  That’s M’s dance costume, upside down, to let the tutu get fluffier.

She started taking dance classes in January.  Her dance teacher does classes in sessions.  This is her second session and the ‘recital’ session.

So we have a costume.  We have a required hairstyle.  We have rehearsal dates.

Can you believe it?

How did we get to this point?  Isn’t she just my baby?

Nope.  She’s my big girl.  She takes dance classes.  She goes to preschool.  She takes piano and voice lessons.  She’s not a baby anymore.  She’s got her own schedule.  She’s got her own obligations.  She’s  a busy kid.

I hope she enjoys the whole stage performance experience.

Now, I just have to learn how to put her hair in a bun!  It feels practically impossible!

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Yesterday, Michael Jackson died.  

He was 50 years old, and had three young children.

He was an icon of the 80’s.  I mentioned to my friends that he owned the 80’s.. but my friends were correct in stating that he WAS the 80s..

I have tapes of me, at 3 years old, singing songs like “Beat it” and “Billie Jean.”

I learned how to moon walk.. which I tried to do last night.. and well.. my knees aren’t what they used to be.. so.. it was more like a “moon limp.”

I learned to appreciate his talent at a young age.. sang all his songs.. felt passionate about the social issues he was passionate about..

It is an honor to grow up in the “era of Michael Jackson.”

His recent past doesn’t reflect the amount of talent he possessed.  Nor did it reflect the impact he had on music and dance today. 

Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown, and all the other young men with the cool dance moves wouldn’t be where they are today if they had not tried to emulate Michael Jackson at some point in their lives..

Many have tried.. and all have failed.. to reach the amount of success he has..

He will be missed.. his music.. and his legacy will live on..

And hopefully.. people can look past the controversy.. and see him for the talent he truly was..

In an attempt to start getting into shape.. and lose some weight before my high school reunion (in March!).. I decided to try out this dancey kinda class that’s being offered by Kaiser Permanente.. the hospital I go to..

The first class is free.. so I’m going to go try it out.. for free..

I used to dance.. ballet, tap, and jazz.  I danced for about six years.  From the time I was nine years old.. until I was a stupid teenager “in love” at sixteen…

I quit dance because a boyfriend told me I was spending too much time in the studio and not enough time with him.. stupid me..

I miss dancing and I think I could have gotten pretty far into it have I not quit..

But everything happens for a reason and God only knows why I quit.. and God has blessed me with other life decisions anyway.. so I honestly can’t complain much..

I’m not going to make any promises about sticking to this new exercise opportunity.. I’m just going to go and see how I like it.. and then come back if I feel like it’s something I can commit to..

Yay me!

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