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M is ruining my credibility.

These past few weeks, the blog has been about the various temper tantrums that we’ve been experiencing with our new little “terrible two.”

Those are true stories. 

My parents surprised us with a visit this past weekend, and did M have a tantrum?

Absolutely not.  Not one.  Not even a small whine or whimper!

And of course, the minute they leave, it’s on the floor and crying because I didn’t crawl into the bathroom with her for her nightly bath.  It’s on the floor and crying because I turned the lights off too soon for her liking.  It’s on the floor and crying because she asked for milk and my walking into the kitchen to get it for her just took a little too long for her liking..

I guess it’s a good thing that she’s on her best behavior in front of other people.  But after all the stories I’d been sharing with my mother, she kind of wanted to see some of it in action. 

Maybe I should just have them over all the time.  Maybe that cures “terrible twos.”

Has this ever happened to you?!

When her grandfather teases her:

Me:  Say “apa.”
M:  Apa.
Me:  Say “stop.”
M:  Hop.
Me:  Say “Apa, stop.”
M:  Apa, hop.

Trying to teach her “I love you.”

Me:  Say “I.”
M:  I
Me:  Say “love.”
M: …..
Me:  Say “you!”
M:  You.

Try again.

Me:  Say “I.”
M: I
Me:  Say “love.”
M:  Lub
Me:  Say “you.”
M:  You

Me: “I love you.”
M:  “Ay lah you”

Close enough.

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