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It’s been non-stop ‘on the go’ since K learned how to pull herself up on to anything that can hold her weight.

Her favorite thing to do in the playpen is pull herself up and side-step around the perimeter while holding on to the rail.

She’s done it so many times that she’s starting to get daring.

She’s starting to experiment with how big her steps and her reach can take her.  Sometimes, she tries to let go and just get from end to end with the least amount of steps possible.  This usually leads to her falling.  She falls.  She falls a lot.  Luckily, the bottom of the playpen isn’t too hard.  She also is learning how to catch herself if she falls forward.  She also falls on her diaper-bootie.

She falls so much because of her determination to walk without support.

She’s incredibly determined.

There are times where she will pull herself up to standing, then turn her body so her back is against the mesh of the playpen.  She will then let go of the railing and allow the mesh to support her.

There are times where she just lets go of the railing completely and finds her balance for over 10 seconds.  During that time of perfect balance, she either tries to lean for a different location, or she grabs on to the railing again for more support.

I love watching her development.  I love watching her try.  I love watching her face when she feels like she’s succeeded in what she was planning on doing.  I love her determined spirit when she falls and just picks herself up again.

The drive in her is just so strong.  Her personality simply shines through.

What else does she have in store for us?  I can’t wait to find out!


There are a lot of articles circulating on Facebook about how if feels knowing that your most recent baby is your last baby. 

Is K my last child?!

Honestly, I don’t know. 

Part of me doesn’t want to think she’s my youngest. Part of me wants to try again. Part of me wants to have a boy. 

I love babies. Ok, not newborns… I’m not a fan of waking up every three hours. But I love babies. I love the stage K is in. She’s not sleeping through the night but she gives me enough sleep that I can finally function through the day. 

So, I love babies and part of me can see myself doing all of this at least one more time. 

But I know my body. 

My pregnancy with K was not an easy one. Not only was it difficult for me, I was difficult on Hubby AND on M. 

Bedrest, wheelchairs, constant doctors appointments, emergency room visits, unexpected Labor & Delivery visits… 

It was hard juggling one kid through all of that, imagine juggling two! 

If we decided to get pregnant again, M would be school-aged. How can I handle a school-aged child’s obligations with a difficult pregnancy ON TOP of dealing with a toddler?!?

While my heart will probably always yearn for just one more baby, I have to be practical.

I just don’t think my body can handle another pregnancy… As heartbreaking as that reality is, I have to learn to accept it. 

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