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Going to bed on a Sunday always brings a bit of dread.

The next morning will be Monday morning.. and it’s off to work I go.

I’m still dreaming and scheming of an opportunity to work from home.

I would never ask to stop working IF I could find a nice and LEGIT job that allows me to work from home.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve been trying to focus on my crafting.. turning it into more than just a hobby.

I’ve been able to get about 300 or so followers on my FB page.  My blog has regular content on it, added on Mondays and Wednesdays, click here to see my craft blog.  I’ve gotten a few orders on my Etsy page, which is allowing me to boost my ratings on there.  Hopefully that will add to my credibility on that site and I would start getting more purchases when I add more inventory.

I’ve been setting goals for my shop.

Starting in September, I am going to purchase some clear card boxes to hold several cards to make card sets, both for Christmas and my store.  I’m also going to look into purchasing a postal scale.  That will allow me to print my postage from home and will save me more time than always taking trips to the post office.

I’ve created my first video tutorial.  It’s definitely not much, but it’s a start.  There’s a huge learning curve to editing and creating these videos and I hope that as I keep going I will get better.  Hubby has been really supportive about helping me find a better set up and helping me with ideas on how to get this video goal attained.

I know that it’s not much.  But it’s a start…

What would YOU do if you could create your own “work from home” job?!


Sometimes I think about my life and how I could possibly change it..

No, I don’t hate my life.  I’ve said it many times that I totally feel blessed and loved. 

But I still dream of the day that I will  win the lottery and Hubby will finally say, “Yes dear, I think it’s time for you to be a Stay At Home Mom.”


Wouldn’t it be ideal to find a job that I could work from home?

It’d be the best of both worlds.  We’d still be a dual-income family, AND I’d be home to watch Little M!

Ok, so my particular profession would not allow me to work from home.  I really don’t think we have the room in our apartment for a fully equipt laboratory with all the fancy lab equipment and storage..

Could you imagine… my curious little toddler as my lab assistant… hahah!

There aren’t very many legit “work from home” jobs out there..

The only ones I see are those ones that are in my email’s spam folder, right next to the emails from my “friends” saying they took an unexpected trip to Europe, got robbed, and now need “x” amount of Euros to get home..

I could always try making cards again… but that totally isn’t enough to become a second income.  I only wanted to do that in order to have extra spending money on my crafty stuff..

I guess I just gotta suck it up and work away from the home.  Tons of other mothers do this all the time..  I’m not the only one.

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