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Sometimes, I have weird dreams.

The other night, I had a dream that I was a nurse.

I dreamt that I was probably the WORST nurse on the face of the earth!

I never knew what my work hours were.  I would constantly clock out and realize that I’d still have hours left on my shift. 

I’d forget to take the patient’s temperature.  About three patients went by and I never took their temperature.

I also NEVER entered any of the vitals into the computer.  I never recorded their information into the computer.  I only realized that I wasn’t doing this after about 5 patients in.

It was the worst feeling knowing I had no idea what I was doing.  I just felt totally lost.

Does anyone interpret dreams?  I’d love to know what this could mean.

I had the wierdest dream last night.. it was about being chased by many different groups of people and things.

It was one wierd batch of people to the next.. and it never ended.

The boyfriend and I were being chased and for some reason.. HE was the one with the bad knees and difficulties running.. and I was the athletic one with the stamina and good knees to run a marathon!

It was such a vivid dream.. I can still picture parts of it if I think hard about it.

I don’t usually remember dreams.. but when something is that vivid.. I really try hard to think about what I had dreamt about.. and it’s gotten easier over the years to remember my dreams..

The trick to remembering the dream is to think of it immediately when you wake up.. try to remember as many details about the dream as you can.. and if you do.. the dream will not be forgotten.

If you don’t think about the dream as soon as you wake up.. you end up forgetting it completely..

One of these years I’d love to start a dream journal of all the dreams I have had..

I’m not one to analyze my dreams.. I just like remembering some of them..

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