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Tomorrow will be one week.

Eight days..

That’s all I have left to get everything done. 

Bridesmaids and all involved are getting bombarded with emails, phone calls, and text messages.. information is flying out of my hands so fast.. it’s hard to remember if I told the right people the right bits of info..

The stress level is definitely up.. and no matter how much I try to relax.. it’s impossible..

My mind races at a billion miles a minute.. thoughts are darting all over the place..

All of you marrieds have been there..

I’m excited..

Knowing that I have been blessed with someone I will be spending the rest of my life with.. someone that I will start a family with.. it’s such a big concept to me to wrap my head around.. marriage. 

I’m truly blessed.. he’s been super extra cooperative this week and I couldn’t be happier..

Eight days, ppl… eight days.

The paranoia begins..

A few days ago, I text Joe “Hun, you better show up to the wedding.”

I’m getting the sudden irrational fears that he won’t show up.

I know he loves me.. he wouldn’t have asked to marry him otherwise.. but sometimes I freak out that my “bridezilla” behavior may have turned him off to the prospect of spending the rest of his life with me..

But then again.. I really haven’t been THAT bad lately.. or have I?

Anyway.. he keeps telling me that I have nothing to worry about.. and that he will definitely show up..

Well.. with the amount of money that we are spending.. he better show up!

Ten days!

Can you believe I have ten days left as a single lady?!  In ten days.. I’m going to be someone’s wife!!

Was this a huge impact on your life as I feel it is for me?

It just seems like a HUGE step in my life.. to finally feel like the “grown-up” I’ve been trying to be for years..

I mean.. the relationship doesn’t really change much.. does it.. the title does.. but the way you deal with each other shouldn’t really.. does it?

I guess it feels a lot different for me because he and I have been long-distance since we first met.. so knowing that we’ll actually be in the same city.. and the same living quarters.. that to me is exciting.

Ten days seems so fast.. and it is zipping by at lightning speed..

There’s still so much to do!

I gotta just take it one task at a time and trust that it will all get done..

We’re down to 19 days.

I’m feeling excited.. nervous..and a whole million of other feelings are running through my head.

I’m excited for this new chapter of my life.. nervous that the details I’ve worked so hard to get done won’t be what I expected.. and teary-eyed every time I think about all the changes to come in my life.

I’ve got a couple of things to do that are important for the wedding day.. so it’s still hard to really sit down and absorb all that is going to happen in less than three weeks.

Insane.. how did you cope with the fast approach of your wedding?

I’m still on my Vegas weekend.. so you all know I’m probably cheating by writing this blog entry ahead of time and scheduling it to publish today..

So.. the title says we’re still at 4 weeks when we were supposed to be at 4 weeks last week..

I was wrong!

We’re at 4 weeks today.. so that means that the entire countdown has been wrong.. duh!  I feel stupid!

Anyway.. it’s fixed now.. and we are at 4 weeks..

That doesn’t seem to make me feel better.. the time is still flying by.. the wedding is fast approaching.. I mean.. we’re in OCTOBER already!  How insane is that?!

Once I get home from Vegas.. it’ll be push.. push.. push to get all the last minute little things done!

We can do this!

When you are reading this.. I’m either in the car.. or already there.. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

It’s my bachelorette party weekend.. and I’m doing it a little differently than most..

My mom and aunts and some other family friends are going.. then my good girlfriends are also going..

Bringing older ladies to my bachelorette?

No it’s not wierd!!

I’ve never really been one for the crazy bachelorette parties where the girls go out and get all super crazy.. in my more mature years.. I’ve settled down quite a bit and would much rather enjoy a nice weekend out with some of the people I love the most in life..

That being said..

We have the day time to hang out and do some fun stuff that is pretty ageless.. I honestly don’t know what my matron of honor has planned.. but I trust it’s fun..

At night.. my girlfriends and I will have some good fun.. party it up in a lounge.. or hang out somewhere fun.. just the girls.. while my mom and her friends hit it up casino-style.. hahaha..

It’s gonna be a fun weekend.. can’t wait!

Island Kauai, Na Pali Coast

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Today is September 30th.. do you know what that means?

That means that a month from tomorrow I’ll be lying on a beach in Hawaii..

Oh ya.. and that a month from today.. I’ll be saying “I do” and marrying my best friend and love..

But I’ll also be going to Hawaii shortly after!!!!!

I can’t believe we are at the ONE MONTH mark.. seems like yesterday he proposed and the madness began..

I’m getting excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time..

How did YOU feel when you hit the one-month mark?

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