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Welcome to Fall.. cold air.. cold winds.. cold all around..

Everyone seems to be glad for the cold.. everyone.. except me.

I’m not a fan of cold at all.  I despise being cold.  I am not a fan of bundling up.  I don’t like wearing layers and layers of clothing.. although I do like cuddling up in a nice warm comforter.. but that’s the extent of it all..

I like wearing shorts.. tank tops.. shirts..

I like walking outside at night without having to worry about bringing a sweater..

I think I am the only one that is NOT looking forward to this cold weather..

Oh well.. it’s part of life.. and that just means Christmas is coming.. yay!


I’m a person that likes warm weather.  I’ve grown up in Southern California.. warm weather is pretty much how I thrive.

The weather lately has been.. well.. questionable.

The sun is out.. the sky is blue.. but oh.. my.. stars.. is it cold.  The wind blows the coldest air I’ve ever experienced and it’s not fun to walk around.

I need my sunny Southern California weather.  I don’t like wearing sweaters and jeans.  I am a short skirt and top kind of girl.  I love the sun.. I love warm.  I’m not a cold person.  I don’t enjoy the cold.

I don’t mind the rain if the weather is warm.  I like walking in the rain when I don’t have to bundle up in a thick coat and sweater and layers and layers.

I really shouldn’t complain.  When I went to Arizona, I was talking to so many people from the east coast and mid-west.. and boy.. am I lucky to live in Southern California.  I don’t think I could handle the weather that they deal with over there.  I think I would absolutely die!

I miss warmth.

I was born in Rhode Island. I only moved to California when I was two years old.

My father was in the Navy.  I was born at the Newport Naval Hospital.. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called.. but it was a naval hospital in Newport, Rhode Island..

I spent the first two years of my life on the East Coast.  I apparently loved the snow.. and had an East Coast/Rhode Islander accent..

My mom told me that when we first moved to California in February.. everyone that came to greet us were wearing sweaters and jackets.. and I was in a t-shirt.. and sweating..

Hahah.. if only I had that kind of “cold-air” tolerance now..

Now.. I can’t imagine myself being anything BUT a California girl.. I love the sun… I love the heat.. and it’s California.. which.. in this day and age.. isn’t much to brag about.. but.. hey.. it’s still something..

I would like to go back to visit Newport.. my mother said it was beautiful.. and one person from Rhode Island that was in Arizona with me also said it was beautiful.

I’d like to see that beauty one day..

I live in an area of Southern California that is very wind-prone.  I seriously don’t know what it is about my area.  We live in this bubble that the wind only resides.

It’s quite funny.  The wind could be so strong in my area, but the next city over is completely calm.

I used to like going to school in Pomona or working in Orange County because I seemed to have escaped the wind.

But now that I work in the Inland Empire again, ugh!

The wind is insane and never ending.  It’s been windy for the past three or four days now. 

The plus side is that the air is very clear.  We can see the mountains and the sky is very blue and not smoggy.  I’d love to be able to breathe the air, but the wind keeps sucking the air right out of me!

Oh well.. lets pray we all don’t get blown away..

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