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I’ve been slowly working on losing the baby weight from the moment K was born.  I started at 176.6lbs and I currently weigh 167.8lbs.  I’ve lost approximately 9-10lbs in the last six months.

That’s not as quick as I wanted, but it’s good to know that I am losing weight.

I have to admit, I don’t really exercise right now.  I walk.  I have my Fitbit set to 6000 steps a day.  That’s a struggle to hit on a daily basis just because the needs of the kids differ from day to day and I can’t always just walk around..

I briefly did the Master Cleanse in May and lost about 5lbs, only to gain about 3lbs back.  I didn’t try very hard on that cleanse so I understand why I didn’t do as well as I have in the past.

I do make better choices when it comes to my food and how much I eat.  It’s helped keep the weight down, but it hadn’t helped take the weight off.

I decided to drink more water.

Those that know me personally know I am NOT a water drinker.  In the past, I would probably drink one glass of water and spend the rest of the day drinking coffee or juices.  Water isn’t appealing to me.

But I knew I needed to make a change.

I asked some of my friends what is the right amount of water to drink.  I was told that it was about half of your current weight in ounces, and then more if you want to lose weight.

Calculating that, I figured I had to start drinking about 100 oz a day in order to lose weight…


Coming from a person that could barely drink 8 oz a day, I felt it was nearly impossible!  I also didn’t want to suddenly shock my system with that much water overnight!

So, I’ve been slowly increasing my intake of water.  I haven’t gotten up to 100oz quite yet.  I’m at about 60-70 oz.

What I did was measure out how much 10oz looks in one of our glasses at home.  Then, every hour, I try to drink 10oz.  Every hour is ideal, but it’s doesn’t happen all the time because, you know, kids…

I’ve started to drink 20oz several times during the day in order work on increasing my intake.

I’ve increased my water intake for almost a month and I”m already noticing a difference.

I’ve lost a pound since I’ve started drinking water.

I’ve recently started fitting into some of my pre-prego clothes.  They are still a little snug, but I couldn’t even put them on a month ago without feeling that I would rip them!  I got to wear a pre-prego top at a recent family gathering.  It was quite a great feeling to know that it’s starting to fit.

I’m going to eventually work on incorporating more exercise than just walking.  I’m just waiting on the baby to get a little older.  I know that’s no excuse and there are tons of mothers than work out with infants, but I’m doing what’s right for me and my family.  There is weight to be lost, but I’m not in a complete rush to lose it all.  I know I can lose it all, I’ve done it before.

How much water do you drink a day?  How do you remember to drink water?

I spent most of Hawaii eating malasadas and loco mocos.

Then, right after Hawaii, it was M’s Lalaloopsy birthday party.  Of course I spent most of the party budget on the awesome dessert table.  I think I downed about 10 -15 cake pops that whole weekend.  I know that the Sunday after her party, I ate about 6 cake pops for breakfast..

So naturally, I gained weight.

I told myself, and my coworkers, that after all the September fesitivites I’d do a cleanse.

And I did, along with two of my coworkers.

We decided to do the lemon, water, maple syrup and cayanne pepper cleanse.  We had done it before, and I didn’t see any results.  That’s probably because I totally cheated for most of it.. I didn’t lose any weight at all!  This time was going to be different.  And it was.

Also known as the Master Cleanse, we were supposed to drink only this, day and night.  However, we modified it.  We drank it all day, but had a small, sensible dinner.

Some mornings, I had two hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  But I stayed disciplined.  I didn’t binge on food when I got home from work.  I controlled the amount of dinner I ate.

I started the cleanse on dinner of September 8th.  I weighed in at 151lbs.  I looked like it too.  Have you seen my Hawaii pictures?!

We planned on doing it for two weeks, but I’m continuing until I finish the bottle of organic lemon juice I purchased at Costco.  So I think it will take me into part of this week.

I weighed in this morning at 143lbs.  I lost all my Hawaii weight AND some of the weight I’m trying to get rid of in the first place.

I definitely see the results as well.  I no longer look bloated, and I can walk uphill during our walks with no worries at all!

I’m a little bit worried eating regularly again.  I know that I really have to make a change.  I have to change the type of food I eat, and the amount of food.  I’m looking into a more natural approach.  More veggies.  More natural things.  Just overall healthier choices.

I hope I can keep the weight off, and lose more weight.

I used the Master Cleanse as a way to “jump start” the weight loss and get my stomach used to smaller amounts of food.  I’m hoping that I can continue the weight loss by make smarter food choices and doing the walking.

Yay for getting to that pre-prego weight!

It started out easy enough.

M asked for milk.  However, since M had been sick for the past few days, all she wanted was milk.

I wanted to give her water.

Well, M wanted milk and she was going to let me know that.

She asked me for milk.  I said, “Why don’t you drink some water instead?”

Well, I apparently said a bad thing.  It was as if I told her that she can never drink any liquid ever again.  It was like I told her that she was to be thirsty for the rest of her life.

She threw herself onto the ground and screamed and cried for milk.

When she calmed down, I offered her a compromise.  Drink a little bit of water, and then I will give her milk.

She cried.

But because I’m the mommy, I gave her the water anyway.  She drank it.  And she calmed down.

So, like I promised, I started to pour her milk.

She saw me take the milk out.  She even told me that I was holding milk.  She saw me pour the milk into her sippy cup.

But, I guess she wanted it in a bottle because when I handed it to her, she was on the floor and screaming and crying again.

She turned her back on me and on the milk.

So I sat with her.  I sat with her while she pouted away from me.

After a few minutes of pouting, she put a hand on my leg.  Soon after, she snuggled up into my lap.

I hugged her for a bit, then I told her in a super calm way that what was in the sippy cup was milk.  Then I asked her if she wanted it.  In her small voice, she calmly told me yes.  So I handed her the sippy cup and she took it and drank it.

Victory for me!

There have been many small frequent meltdowns, but this one seems to be the worst.  I’d like to say that I won this battle..

If only they will only be this easy from now on…

It’s a strange thing that happens when Little M drinks ice water.

We’ve noticed it happening once the cold weather started to hit. 

Now, Little M LOVES ice water.  She loves holding the outside of the glass and says, “cold!”

She loves drinking it and all saying, “cold!”

But I’ve noticed that when she drinks a good amount, maybe a fourth of a small glass, she kind of starts to shiver.

It’s a slight shiver that looks like it’s coming from the inside.  I assume its because she’s making herself cold on the inside, and the weather on the outside isn’t all that warm.

Usually when that starts, we take the cold water away from her and then bundle her up with blankets.. the shivering stops and so we don’t give her the ice water anymore.

I assume it’s just like feeling cold after eating a nice bowl of ice cream.

Has this happened to your children?

Little M has been trying to drink the bathwater when she takes her bath..

This isn’t a completely new thing for her..

It started a few months ago.. she’d try to put her face in the water.. and she’d end up coughing because I think she was trying to breathe in water..

What is she thinking?!

She now has a different bathtub, and this time she tried to drink the water!

She bent down, mouth only, and tried to drink her bathwater!

Ok.. granted I had taken out the soapy water and had just replaced that with clean water so she can play in it.. but still.. bathwater?!


My kid can’t be the only one that’s done this… right?!



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