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It’s been non-stop ‘on the go’ since K learned how to pull herself up on to anything that can hold her weight.

Her favorite thing to do in the playpen is pull herself up and side-step around the perimeter while holding on to the rail.

She’s done it so many times that she’s starting to get daring.

She’s starting to experiment with how big her steps and her reach can take her.  Sometimes, she tries to let go and just get from end to end with the least amount of steps possible.  This usually leads to her falling.  She falls.  She falls a lot.  Luckily, the bottom of the playpen isn’t too hard.  She also is learning how to catch herself if she falls forward.  She also falls on her diaper-bootie.

She falls so much because of her determination to walk without support.

She’s incredibly determined.

There are times where she will pull herself up to standing, then turn her body so her back is against the mesh of the playpen.  She will then let go of the railing and allow the mesh to support her.

There are times where she just lets go of the railing completely and finds her balance for over 10 seconds.  During that time of perfect balance, she either tries to lean for a different location, or she grabs on to the railing again for more support.

I love watching her development.  I love watching her try.  I love watching her face when she feels like she’s succeeded in what she was planning on doing.  I love her determined spirit when she falls and just picks herself up again.

The drive in her is just so strong.  Her personality simply shines through.

What else does she have in store for us?  I can’t wait to find out!

I love the summer. 

The days are so much longer.  There is more time to go out after work and still feel like I’m enjoying the day. 

It’s wonderful.

Hubby and I took up walking during these long summer afternoons.

It’s great.

The neighborhood above our apartment complex is a long loop that consists of two pretty hefty hills.  The first time we did it, I was dying.  My shins had no idea what they were up for.  My legs felt like jello and I had to literally lean against the shower wall afterwards because my legs decided they didn’t want to work after that.

Earlier this week, we decided to walk Miramar Lake.. I think that’s what it’s called. 


It’s it beautiful?!

The entire walk would have been about 5 miles, but because we had M with us, we decided to not do the entire walk around.  We did a brisk 15 minute walk in one direction, then turned around and did another 15 minute walk back, then leisurely walked around to discover more of the other side of the area…

Luckily, M was asleep, so I wasn’t too concerned about her being bored while we walked.

These walks are great.  Hubby and I get some time together AND I’m doing some sort of physical activity..

But the sweating?!  Ew.

I’ve noticed lately that whenever we go out as a family, the stroller is being used for holding our stuff than it is used for holding M.

Whenever she’s in the stroller, she insists she walk.. all you hear as you wheel her around is, “Ah-walk, ah-walk, ah-walk..”

The same happens when we are at Target or a grocery store and she’s in the shopping cart.  She’ll be ok for awhile, and then realize that she’s not walking and starts staying, “Ah-walk, ah-walk, ah-walk.”

It’s pretty cute because she’s pretty persistent..

So, early on in her walking days, I taught her that she had to hold hands with either me, Hubby, or her grandparents when she would walk around in public.

I’m so anti “baby-leash” and Hubby always wanted to try it because he was scared of her running off..

I told him to let me try to teach her not to do so..

It started somewhere public.. either a mall, grocery store, Church.. I forget the details..

She wanted to go down and walk, so I let her down.  I went to hold her hand, and she lets go of it immediately and runs off..

I chase her.. and hold her hand again..

She lets go, and runs off..

I chase her one last time, telling her that if she does that again, I will carry her.

She does it again.

I catch and carry her.  She cries a little.

A minute later, she wants down..

I tell her to hold my hand or it’s up in my arms she goes..

She tries to let go, I pick her up and carry her..

A minute later, she wanted down..

I tell her again, hold hands or carry.

And just like that, she held my hand and I took her where she wanted to go!

Now, when ever we go out in public and she wants to go down, she knows to hold hands..

She loves holding both mine and Hubby’s hand.. she’ll say “Han mimi, han Joe” as she reaches for one of our hands..

Now we don’t need a baby leash!  Gosh.. I hope everything that I’ll need to teach her about discipline and listening to us will come that easy.. one could only hope!

Little M is pretty much a walker now.. at least at home.. I think she and I suffer from the same bout of anxiety when it comes to walking outside of the home.  She likes to still hold on to me, and in turn, I still want to hold on to her. 

At home is definitely another story.. she’s ALL OVER THE PLACE!

She still hasn’t tried to get up to standing from the middle of the floor, and that’s because I don’t think she really sees the need to.  There are tons of places for her to prop herself up that I don’t think the thought has even crossed her mind to get up from the middle of the floor.

Since she’s started walking, she’s seen no need to stay in the living room to play anymore.  She’s learned that there is more to our apartment than the living room.  There’s a hallway, bedrooms and bathrooms too!  Don’t get me started on the kitchen either!

We’ve begun to shut the door to all the bathrooms and the second bedroom.  We let her walk down the hallway into our bedroom since it’s a clear walking space.  It gives her practice.

One thing I love about her walking is that she loves to follow us.  If one of us goes into the bedroom to get something, she no longer cries because she can’t see us.  She just starts to follow us.  Sometimes she cries because we go too fast for her, so we slow down or come grab her hand and walk down the hall together.

I love that she’s becoming such a little independent girl!


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