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This past weekend was busy..

We had this wonderful fundraiser breakfast to give money to the victims of the flood in the Philippines.  It was held at our local Applebee’s.  It was an all-you-can eat pancake breakfast for $10 a ticket.

The turnout was amazing, and we were so busy trying to accommodate everyone and make sure we kept the place clean, organized and happy.

I love doing work like that..  I love knowing that I’m making a small difference in the lives of these victims.   I love knowing that the people that showed up to the breakfast were happy, fed, and content.

The smiles on their faces, and knowing that the smiles and fellowship are all going toward a great cause brings so much joy into my heart..

I’ve always dreamed of making my dent in this world.. I wanted to be famous.. I wanted to change the world.. to be recognized.. appreciated in my time.. or after my time.. I wanted to just be recognized..

But now.. I would rather know that my heart is in the right place.. and getting credit for it is the least of my concern.  No one needs to know who was responsible.. as long as that person, or group of people, get the help they need and deserve..

As long as they are happy and safe.. does it matter where it comes from??


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