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So I knew coming into this that becoming a parent of two kids was going to be hard.

I thought that it would take a few weeks of chaos, then everything will click and life will go back to normal..

Wrong… so very, very wrong..

It’s not that it’s hard, ok, it is hard.. but not because we can’t handle it.

Having M and figuring out how our lives functioned as a one-child family took some adjusting too, but in the end, we survived.  We figured out our roles, we figured out how to function.

It also helps that M is growing up and much easier to manage.

Getting out of the house with M is a breeze.  Bedtime with M is a well defined routine.  Meal time with M is a somewhat scheduled and easy.

We had everything under control.

Enter K, a newborn.  She has no routine.  She lives off her instincts.  She’s hungry when she’s hungry.  She’ll cry for reasons only she knows about.  She is the wrench that got jammed into our well-oiled machine… in the cutest possible way..

It makes life hard.

What I thought would be just a few weeks of adjustment is definitely not.  It’s going to take months, maybe even a years, before we find our groove again as a family.

I have to remember that it took us awhile to figure out how our groove when M came into our lives… I’m sure it will take just as long to figure it out with K…

In all honesty, as difficult and chaotic as I may be sounding lately, my family has never felt more whole..

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