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A few days before M got sick, we went on our first playdate.

We went through the website.  I was able to find an active group for the area we live in with kids that are born around 2010 and 2011.

We met at a park.

M had a great time.  She ran around and played with the other kids.  She’s still getting used to the social interactions with kids her own age.  Overall, she’s very friendly.  She says “hi” to all the kids she encountered and ran around when they all ran around.

There are times where I had to teach her about boundaries.. but I know that it has a lot to do with her age, and as she matures, she’ll start to establish boundaries and learn how to respect others boundaries.  I also know that it’s my responsibility to teach her about how to deal with social situations.

Overall, M and I had a fun time.  I met with other moms in the area and M met other kids her age.

I do plan on going to another meetup again.  It’s nice to have a social calendar.

Time stood still for the past few days while M was sick..

She caught a cold from me.

I was feeling under the weather earlier last week.

I knew she was going to get it the day that I started having a sore throat.  I remember being the one to pick M up from her Grandparents house after work.  She was so happy to see me that she kissed me.  I tried to turn my head so she would end up kissing my cheek, but she held my face and turned it towards her so she could give me a little kiss on the lips..

That’s when I knew… it was just a waiting game for the symptoms to come.

We had a scheduled playdate later on that week, and I was so worried she would get sick before that.  I was really looking forward to it and I hated the thought of missing it..

Luckily for us (and for the other kids), she was fine and had a great time at the playdate..

It was Saturday when we started noticing her runny nose.. by the end of the day, she was warm with a low-grade fever and a nose like a faucet.

Sunday, her fever got up to as high as 101 before bed and I knew that we had to go to the Doctors.. I knew an ear infection was here..

All of Sunday night and all of Monday, she was just a little sick patient.  She was sitting down and lying down more than her usual up and peppy self..


The doctor said she was getting pus in her ears.. ew!  The ear wasn’t infected YET, but with the pus collecting in her ear, she had to be treated..

By Tuesday, she was getting better.. she was taking loooong naps but she was starting to run about..

By yesterday, she no longer had fevers and her nose wasn’t as runny.. I think she’s on the path to recovery.. thank God..

Time stood still for our household as we had to care for our little girl.. but now.. things are starting to get back to normal.. and I can now blog again..

There’s sooo much to tell you!

Toddlers don’t know how to walk..


I’ve seen, known, and even babysat many toddlers in my day.. so this is my expert opinion.

Toddlers don’t walk.. then run.


They can’t walk.  It’s not in their blood.

They just run.

They are in a hurry all the time.

My daughter is NO exception to this..

I constantly see her zipping through the hallway.. zipping through one end of a room to another.. she’s like a little pink blur in the apartment.. always zipping from one place to the next.

Sometimes I have to just stop her and say, “M, walk.. walk..”

And almost as if mocking me, she’ll slow down and take some exaggerated steps and say “Walk.. walk…”

Sigh… toddlers are fast!


It’s been fascinating to see M’s imagination developing..

She loves to watch certain television shows and DVDs of television shows..

One in particular is Lalaloopsy Land.. something about pillow.. I can’t think of the name.

One of the main characters is called Pillow Featherbed.. she LOVES Pillow.. so much so that we actually had to scour the internet to try to find a Pillow doll for her..

Lately, she’s been pretending to be Pillow.  There are times where she’ll lie down on a pillow and say, “Shhh.  Pillow sleep.”  Or she’ll pretend to catch Sheep, Pillow’s pet.

Sometimes she likes it when we call her Pillow.

Or she’ll watch another show and she’ll pretend that she’s running and jumping with the other characters.. or she’ll copy their dialogue..

Sometimes, when the TV is NOT on, she’ll reenact dialogue or sing a song they sing while doing a dance they do.. or she’ll call her self that particular character and mimic actions they do in the show or movie..

It’s pretty amazing watching her imagination develop with the shows she watches.. and how she begins to actually interact with the characters she sees on tv and how she incorporates that into her play time..

It’s so much fun to watch..

Ok.. I have a confession.

I was a total Hannah Montana fan.

It wasn’t like this show was on when I was a tween.. I was in my twenties when this show came on.. and yes.. I was a fan.

I was such a fan that I actually went to watch her 3d movie AND that other movie that came out a few years later.. yes.. my mom and I were the only adults WITHOUT kids going into that movie..

Flash foward years and years later.. I have a 21 month year old daughter.. and here we are.. watching Hannah Montana episodes on Netflix.

As I type this, she’s saying “Yiyee, there” (Miley, there!) on the side bar of the WordPress new post screen..

It actually started back in March.. during Hubby’s birthday party.. the Hannah Montana concert came on TV.  Our niece was watching it and M totally loved it.

I looked for the concert on Netflix but found the episodes instead.

Now.. she loves watching it.. not as much as she loves her other shows, but if she sees the thumbnail of the Hannah Montana show, she will ask for it..

It’s pretty cute hearing her sing the theme song.. right down to the laugh she does at the end..

The show was cute… and so were the little songs… so I think it’s cute that M’s enjoying it like I did..

M brings lots of her stuffed animals to bed with us.  She calls them her friends.  Her favorite friend is a cat she picked out from the Disney Store.. it’s the white cat from the Aristocats.. I dont’ know the name..

She also plays with an empty Glossy Accents (crafty glue) bottle and pretends its a baby bottle.

Last night, when we were in bed getting ready to go to sleep, she suddenly sits up.

I look over at her and she’s feeding her cat the bottle Glossy Accents!  Then, she lays back down hugging the cat and falls asleep.

I wish I could have taken a picture, or captured the moment in video.. it was such a priceless memory.

I’m so happy that the love we have for her is projected in the love she has for her “friends” and for others…

I sat here for the last 10 minutes staring at a blank “new post” form wondering what to write about..

I still sit here drawing a blank, but I thought I’d try a “free-write” for today and see where the thoughts take me.

I usually have an interesting story about my family.. or some insight on my daughter’s development.. or some analysis of my life thus far..

But today.. I draw a blank.

Honestly, I have no idea what to talk about.. I guess you can say it’s “writers block” or you can call it laziness..

To prepare for the week’s worth of blog posts, I have a list of potential topics listed in the “Notes” app of my phone.  There lies the many stories and thoughts that develop into blog posts.  I have one note for this blog, and another note for the crafting blog..

Actually, the crafting blog has a much longer list.. but I write that blog twice a week.. so the topics accumulate.

So.. it’s not writer’s block..

And my life is definitely NOT boring.. in fact, I was home all day yesterday and got to spend some quality time with M.. it definitely wasn’t boring..

She spilled a cup full of Cheez-its all over the living room..

She flipped a bowl full of corn upside down and swung it around creating the biggest radius of mess our little apartment has ever seen..

She continuously spilled her box of crayons and would exclaim “Oh mess!” to whatever character she was watching on TV..

She found a coin (which we NEVER let her play with.. money is soo dirty.. and a choking hazard!) while I was cooking lunch and the look on her face was the ultimate toddler triumph.. she was laughing in delight when she realized she grabbed the coin without anyone stopping her.. that triumph was short lived as I got out of the kitchen and took the coin away..

I woke up with some pretty bad hives up and down my legs which made me reconsider going into work yesterday.. luckily an allergy pill helped alieviate the itching..

I got my palm caught in the seam of our accordian door while checking on some laundry.. I tried to put M’s Boo-Boo-Buddy on it and it just made it sting so much more..

I was able to be a totally June Cleaver and have dinner almost done by the time Hubby got home from work.. I should have put on a dress, heels and some pearls..

All this, and so much more, seemed to happen all in one day.. I love that about my life.. it’s so unpredictable and full of little adventures..

Ok.. so I didn’t see it that way when looking over and seeing those big messes all over the floor.. but after all is said and done… this phase in her life is going to go by so quickly.. her exploring, discovering and learning.. the innocent messes she’ll make.. it’ll will all go away in the blink of an eye..

When being a parent to a toddler, the one thing I’ve learned so far is that you have to take the good with the bad.. and angelic with the mischevious.. the laughter and the tears.. and you have to embrace it all.. because they grow up so fast.. and before you know it.. all those things just become memories..

Wow.. what a free-write.. who would have thought it would have lead to that!  Sometimes it’s good to just let the brain run free and type whatever comes to mind.. your brain and fingers always find away to steer you in the right direction!

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